Distroied Youth

My abuse started when dropped off at the sitters.
When her husband found his wife sitting other kids rather than there own he was furious.
His wife needed some items at the store she took my brothers with he to carry groserys.
I was left with him and there two daughters I went to the pourch and wave by.
After a minute he came behind me pulled my plans down down picked me up walked past his daughters I felt ashamed he held me in front of them so they could see my pinis.
He told them to stay there and be quiet. I was brought to the bedroom and put on the phone bed ******** naked he grabbed me so hard I double up and started to cry roughly he grabbed my throat an said be quiet. So I did he went to the drawer grabbed a stick and some stuff he put on my butt then placed the stick to my bum and stuck stuck it in vary hard it hurt so much I couldn't scream. He started to unzip his pants pulled out his pinis and shaved it in my mouth he wouldn't let me breath till he was done.
He made me swallow it and the rest he rubbed on my pinis an stomic. pulling the stick out of my bum he said I'm putting my sick in your *** next time.
He grabbed my arm shook me if I ever tell he would kill me.
Then he cleaned me up dressed me combed my hair brought out to the living room but when he pulled his pants up he left his pinis out while I was on the couch he had his daughters stand in front of me both girls started kicking and sacking him. This was a hell I had to endure for 11 1/2 years I was 7 and never told I was vary afraid of him when ever he had a chance he would do things to me and make me do things to his daughters I didn't like it they were 2 and 3 he got real satisfaction when I had to do stuff to his daughters. I'm still realing to this day about his daughters.
So much more happened but can only get this out.
Only many years of therapy help me cope.
Jepadee Jepadee
Jan 11, 2013