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I started running my sophomore year in high school.  The only reason I started was because I wanted to use it to get in shape for soccer.  I instantly switched my favorites around.  I forgot all about soccer.  I made the team, but my heart belonged to Cross Country; and Soccer just became something to do.  I was the number one runner for my school until college.  Now I alternate between 4th and 5th.  It's a bummer, really.  But my high school just sucked/sucks, so it's not much of an accomplishment being the best there.  My fastest 800 is a 2:30, 1 mile is a 5:45, 2 mile is a 12:01 (got the school record for that), 5K is a 19:48.  We run about 6-10 miles everyday, which is a huge difference from the 2-4 miles I ran in high school.  I remember when I used to think 3 miles was a long run.  Ha ha, the only time we run three miles now, is for a race.  And even before it, we run two for warm-up and then we run three more after for a cool down. 

I like running.  It's stress relieving, anger managment, something to do, healthy - minus the injuries x_x' - and it's fun, all in one.  Though, you do sacrafice a lot.  Weekends are meant for meets and recovery, the rest of the week you have school and practice.  You do get a lot of injuries.  The only reason I know the muscles or bones I know, is because their the ones I've pulled, fractured, strained, etc.  So, in a way, it's an inconvenient tool of knowledge.  The experiences are a blast though and the team becomes more of a family than your own family does. 

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I just started running xc/track last year (junior in high school) and I'm now #1 in my school for xc and my 3 events in track (3200m, 1600m, and 800m). I love running and swimming. I'm going to college on a running scholarship and my fastest 1600m is 4:40 and I want to get into the 4:20-4:30 range by the end of the season. We have 3 of the top 10 runners in the nation running MHSA (Montana High school Sports Association) with me so I have good competition here. So I do a lot of hill workouts (they help in track too) and run 8-12 miles on distance days. I can't wait for college level running!