They hit my stomach. It pains me. It pains me a good deal.

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gotta hang around me a little more. Maybe ill rub off a little bit.

Yeah, I was just trying to be funny. (Attempt at humor: failed.)

Not all Americans are southerners, and the easiest people to make fun of are the ones that don't fight back. That's why Asians are easy

I think we Americans are the easiest to make fun of. Southerners are so stupid.

Asians... so easy to make fun of!

Oh yeah, no looking down for them. They're also handy if you're too lazy to open a door and you would prefer to walk right through it.

the Asians had it right when they made sliding doors!

Totally. My eyes are always fixed straight ahead, thank you very much. There will be none of that "looking down" for me.

and who looks down? that is so over rated...

They're like little ghosts floating amidst the... door.

comes out of nowhere...