When I published my memoir of Manic Depression - Invisible Driving - I knew I would have to launch a website to support it.  I was way overdue to have one, but this forced the issue.  I had worked on many websites professionally - and I had strong opinions about what I liked and didn't.  Most sites look like they came out of a sausage factory, they have no wit or style - and offer no reason to return.

I put 4 sample chapters from my book on the site, so that anyone interested could get a sense of it without spending any money.  I added links to the primary online vendors - including Amazon.com.  That was the business part of the site.  I then surrounded the business part of the site with fun.  I'm most proud of my "El Lagarto" cartoons, which are changed daily and archived for easy reference.  My "El Lagarto" movie and music reviews are also featured.  Like the cartoons there's a new one daily, and they're archived.  For the longhairs out there - God bless you - there's also a poetry archive - my original poems are profiled, they're archived and updated weekly.

My humble little website - which cost less to launch than what I used to spend on a bag of weed - has drawn praise from as far away as Australia.  Most important, I have visitors who stop by daily to check out the newest El Lagarto cartoon.  You're welcome anytime.   

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Hey - thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's really a showcase for a lot of creative interests of mine. At the moment the cartoons are my pride and joy - I AGONIZE over them!

I checked out your website...it was pretty cool and I think its neat that you focus on more than just the business. :)<br />
<br />
I have a website too but I havent worked on/visited it in over a year.