And with quite a bit more jiggling than is seemly.

But I run nonetheless.

I was never athletic as a kid - preferring to read, daydream or tinker rather than run around and I have never really enjoyed sports (with the exception of equestrian events and swimming).

Exercise was always something I did because I should - never really because I wanted to...I had lost a chunk of weight attending classes at the gym but I was getting bored working out indoors to horrible music.

Recently a friend gave me a book and the book is changing my life.

It's called 'Run Fat *****, Run'

Not the most inspiring of titles I agree - and perhaps not for those whose internal monologue runs to the self-critical (mine does but I really needed to hear the message in this book).

The books message is simple and could be encapsulated in a few pages.

It's all about finding your inner grit. It's all about not making excuses anymore. It's about just getting off the couch and running.

I am back at it after a months break and I feel so much better for it. Anyone can run.

Just take a deep breath, lace up your runners - and step out your front door.
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5 Responses Jun 27, 2012

I've been ducking out for a 18 min break at work with girlfriends and doing a mile walk...I love that book title LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like yourself, I started to exercise only to maintain mental sanity. But the benefits are so overwhelming, that it's worth doing it. I even got used to gym music, but that took a while.<br /><br />
Don't you wish they had silent rooms in the gym? Keep up the running.

You are inspiring :)

Yes, run....<br />
Run far!<br />
Run high!<br />
Run at your own pace...whether fast or not!<br />
<br />
Sneakers or not....just run...<br />
Run, baby, run!!!

I think you would run rings around me Oscar. I'd like to try and keep up though.