Wearing Sheer Seamed Nylon Stockings.

I just love wearing sheer nylons on my legs,they feel so erotic,I have to stroke them and feel the wonderful seams on the back of my legs. The other day I went out dressed in nylons,basque and boobs under my boring male shirt and trousers. I could feel my nylons rubbing against my trousers as I walked in our shopping mall. It was great to know what I was wearing,Yet only I knew,walking amongst all these people,even meeting some I knew. I thought,what would they think? If they knew what I had on,walking only a matter of inches away from some of them. When I got back to my car, I sat in the car park(it is under cover) and pulled my trouser leg up so that I could caress the wonderful sheer nylon on my leg.Women were walking to their cars,some men, but of course no one could see what I was doing.It added to the pleasure.wondering if anybody else was wearing sheer nylons.I have never had the pleasure of someone else stroking my nylon clad legs.I often wonder if any females get the pleasure of sheer nylons that I do.
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I've done just the same on many occasions, its wonderful.

I also have the same feeling that strocking my legs when I am wearing fully fashioned stockings is very exciting. I often envy all women who could do that in public stroking their legs, and you often see that they do. It is such a wonderful feeling when you are stroking your nylon claded legs. So I totally agre with you.

Actorman, <br />
I have done this many times myself, even spending the entire day at the office and sitting in a meeting room crowded with people, wondering if the girl across from me in black pantyhose stroking her long lithe legs would like to spend some time in the restroom stroking my own legs and suck my...<br />
To answer the point of do women like the scene, well probably most would freak, but I have know two girlfriends over the years that absolutely loved it. One in particular knew I had a fully fashioned seamed stocking fetish, I bought her many pairs (oh how delightfully naughty it is to go stocking shopping) I would slip them on her on the bed slowly and deliberately, making sure the seams were straight, kissing her legs all the way up, lingerring on her knees where the nylon would be stretched thinner and sheerer mmmmmmm eventually to enjoy her stocking tops, smooth silky thighs and moist... <br />
One drunken night it was iresistable to say honey slip them on me please I want to feel the stockings on my legs..... <br />
She without hesitation started to repeat my exact process and it was a fantastic sensation to have someone else slip on the stockings.... <br />
That night was a wonderful evening of nylon sex, with double penetration ******, groaning and screaming.the house down, that girl is now my wife.<br />
Without question just enjoy the feeling, whatever turns you on as they say, and find a woman that enjoys the passion with you together.

Lucky man..any sisters the nylon interests?! ;)

I imagine a lot of women do derive pleasure from the feel. I like the seamed stockings and the seem to making a come back.

During the winter I wear stockings most days along with my Bra ,camisole and girdle It feels wonderful to me. I always feel the garter clasp with my finger while talking to people that may be around me.I want them to know but I don't. I know you know what I mean I sometimes want to be caught.