I Love Wearing Nylon Stockings

my greatest pleasure i when i am getting dressed and i slide my girdle up my pantyhose clad legs and then i slip on my nylon stockings up to meet the garters of my girdle.i wear an open bottom girdle and it has six garters ,three for each leg.just fastening the stockings to my girdle always gives me a thrill.then to make my seams are straight i slide my hands along my legs and that is such a nice feeling .the nylon feels like silk.phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
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9 Responses May 22, 2008

I agree !! The feeling of nylon clad legs is awesome ! Would love to see your girdle and nylon legs !!! Sounds delicious !!

me too i also love to wear them they feel so sexy and smooth they are the best

..........thanks for sharing. ba<x>sed upon your age (and mine) you experienced stockings when they were in vogue. I don't often la<x>yer stockings with pantyhose but I agree it is nice and I like the increased smoothness and shine that you get. I wear garters and stockings in 'stealth mode' under my male clothes sometimes. I will wear either nylon or satin lounge pants with the slick-side against the stockings under my pants. Every step is magic and when no one suspects what I am doing, I discretely slide my pant leg up and down to get the 'nice feeling' that you referred to by sliding the satin lining up and down the nylon stockings.

i loved that decription that you put phylisanne it turned me on sooooo much i lvoe stockings to be honest xD

I always thought six garters were great until I bought a combination garterbelt and waist cincher with twelve garters. Fabulous!


Yes, The more the better!

Really?You like to put on nylon stockings outside pantyhose?interesting.i would try .Heh-heh

try getting a girdle with six garters and you will be in heaven,as i am when i am wearing mine with my nylons. love phylisanne

Very nice, I wearing mine as you but I have just only girdle with four garters... Yes you are right nylon on legs feel very, very good...