Gang Rape, Fantasizing One. . . ? This Is Sick!

Just to let our mind think twice about how we desire to exploring the grim and terrifying experience of getting (Gang) raped.
Some are becoming to be too obsessed, fantasizing and exhibiting it as something normal. As to promote this monstrous attitudes.
I wouldn't think anyone who crave and lust to be gang raped would ever dream of ending up this way. . .
Real rape or gang rape with the real terror and inhumane acts afflicted to their victim is far beyond one normal person can explain. And no cries of outrage can ever justify the aftermath brought about.

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MY gF then wife was raped at 10 years old but a group of kids that lived near here the police did nothing we were juniors inhigh school and we went to another school for a swim meet wherewe ran in o the bos and one of them ask her if she was ready for anoth go around

take my words for it they never raped another girl after that they would be lucky to even get it up after a few will placed kicks i bet it was more like oat meal

((((Big HUGS to you Ricki))))

I have a friend that some years ago his 17 yo daughter was raped, it was not a gang rape but traumatic just the same. She had a rape fantasy but it didn't play out the way she had imagined.

Such a sad story. Seventeen, I wonder where could that kind of mentality work a framework at such very young age.:(

I can't imagine what would go through a woman's mind that would make her think that rape would be some kind of exotic experience.

Maybe she thought alittle rough sex would be fun, who knows. That was 20 years ago, I know she has different thoughts about it now that she has kids of her own.

Agreed. And to that, I'm sure she has something to share with own her children and grand children.

Here, Here, LR. I'm in complete agreement with you. Just the thought of a woman being raped makes me shudder and I'm a guy. And it makes my protective nature to shield and depend the female gender kick into high gear and it doesn't matter if the lady is someone I know or have never met. I want to protect her and shoot her attacker or attackers.
Fantasies fade from the mind as quickly as they enter once something important and in the world of reality snaps one out of their fantasy world, but the reality of actual rape will live on in the lady's mind forever. If I could keep just one lady from having to go through that, I'd do so in a heartbeat.
For whatever that's worth to you, my friend.

Aww-w-w Thanks Cowboy, you're an inspiration.=))

it is a sad and twisted world we live in and sometimes we fantasize and dont realise what the result or reality is of what we perceive to be "fun and excitement". Thanks for sharing

**deep sigh** satanic thoughts escalating in evil fantasies.
You're welcome Solar.

That is horrible......So sick.... Some seem to want to romanticize the notion and try to go out looking for that idea. I have read a few stories in here about it... They need to realize that THIS story reflects the gruesome reality of what they could actually be facing.......sick and soooo sad....... :(

Aww-w-w Sierra, sorry it took me so long noticing this. So nice of you (always) reading my posts. And thanks for commetning in.^^

thanks for sharing this. This is something very horrific and sad. I am sadden that it happened in my country.

Aww-w-w Really, sad it happened. I'm sure it could happen anywhere else. Not only in your country. It so happened that it caused news here in Japan also. And been following the news lately. May it be an eye opener for us. Heartfelt condolence to her family. Thanks Dilfek

It is all the more sad that it is a news worldwide. Just due to some handful of ******* **** people, simple and intelligent indians are seen with cross eyes. I hate it. I open challenge to fight with all 7 till death in front of all people publicly.

Gang rape is horrid idd. Every sex act that is non-consensual is.
I think people who crave such a thing could find satisfaction perhaps in BDSM-tinted *********, which are consensual.

I meant gang-bangs (hope this gets through the censoring)

Gang-bangs, consensual. Aha- this is one thing EP amazes me, introducing the extremes of sexual fantasies. Thanks Quantum.^^

I've just read an article online that states that unfortunately that young woman in India has indeed passed away.....she suffered a HORRIBLE attack, and many severe internal and external injuries and endured a heart attack as well.....a young life tragically taken far too soon.
The men responsible for her vicious gang rape and beating, and the beating of her companion need to be tortured arduously for days on end....then executed by being racked....drawn...and quartered....!!!!!

Sad and speechless. Thanks Girl for the update.

That is so sad to know. I agree about the torture and violated up the *** with metal rods should happen to them too, because that is pretty much what they did to her.

You're welcome my friend, I wish it was with more positive news about her condition, but sadly about her death..I hope this story will be a cautionary tale to the women out there who have gang rape as a disturbed is abhorrent and VIOLENT...
May that sweet girl's soul rest in peace....

That is so horrible!!! Poor woman :'(

Sad story. =(( Thanks for reading Charming.^^

Rapists are beneath contempt. Sex is not a weapon it is one of the highest forms of communication between people and should never be used to destroy a person. Role playing is one thing but to actually rape someone takes the rapist from the company of human beings and turns him into nothing more than a pop up target.

Indeed, it is a communication. Rapist are sick, and I wouldn't even share the thought of being sexually satisfied by a sick man. Even within the fantasy that would create such pleasures.

I can't believe this. Words just cannot describe...

This is clearly a common issue in India. Forget the generalisations and stereotypical bull****. I have heard and read of too many incidences of a similar nature occurring in this part of the world and it is just sickening. As they say, we are products of our environment. You have to ask yourself,"What sort of environment creates such brutes?". Where women are devalued to this extent, and treated as being less than even an animal as you would not inflict such torture on someone or something unless you carry hatred for that thing that you victimise.

This is deeply upsetting and sadly all too common. Though this be one of the more brutal, arguably most brutal account of events relating to the treatment of women in India, the abuse and devaluing of women on a wider scale is clearly happening more often than what is reported. Something within this culture (not the entire culture) is wrong.

I don't know how this can be resolved or of it will be resolved but something must be done. A change in cultural beliefs and the mindsets of people is needed.

You have said it all right. This are all too common indeed. Sadly. Cultures, mindsets, religions/politics all entangled up if we try to dissect the the bottom if it all, it goes beyond history. Which reminds me of another deformed side of a society where in the rape victim is held in prison instead. It happens in Saudi where raped women, victimized are the one being held for punishment. It's because of there said religious dogma.
Thanks Scorp.

True, religion and culture are big influences indeed. We don't need to go into the influences that religion has had on education and general knowledge. Sad.

Omg...I feel sick...I hope this poor woman finds strength mentally and physically and goes on to live a peaceful life. They need to do something about these sick bully men that are preying on women! CNN didn't tell me the whole story!

The poor woman was transferred to Singapore hospital and still fighting for her life. Just wondering what the bus driver could have done to stop it. It's just so sick just to think about it.

Oh yeah..and fellow passengers. They could have subdued those guys! Did they catch them?

Oh yeah, one pleaded guilty and wanted to be hanged himself. Just to sad. They've ruined their lives.

Yeah I saw that in an article...sounds mental.

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Not only was this story completely horrific, but so was the statistic that one woman is raped every 20 mins. in India!!!!

Statistic plainly shows how sexually demoralized or even deprived or suppressed they are to express their needs that they go hammocked. Psychologically or mentally rapist are sick!

Yes, and those women that have rape fantasies on EP (and sometimes I wonder if it's really true or they are just trying to shock and get attention) have no idea what rape is really about. I'm sure their rape fantasy is nothing like the story above. Rape is about power not sexuality. It is a violent, horrific act!!

Thank you my friend for writing and posting this story....! I've never understood the reason why some women have rape...and gang rape as a is a serious severe that it cripples its victims, and destroys their self worth.....perhaps these women with that fetish need to speak to a rape survivor...or to read the shocking story of the young Indian woman who was viciously raped and beaten.....I'd like to think that hearing those disturbing and heart-breaking details..would make them understand that rape is unacceptable and a crime that offenders should be punished to the maximum for....
Props for providing the link to the Huffington Post...lets hope those animals are caught and an excruciating punishment is brought down on their heads!!!

Fantasy is just half way to putting them to act. And this kind is just getting too much attention here on EP.
Thanks Girl, I'm with you. . . I hope they boil in hell.

I agree with you Ladyryan. I think that what those people fantasize about is not real gang rape. Just by reading the title of your article posted, I can't read it. I know it's going to be really upsetting as things like this should be.

Oh Affinity, I can't take it, just reading it makes me sick. It's in my mind during bedtime. But I hope things would change for them, to that part of this world.
Thanks for reading and writing in.^^