Demonic Bible

Before you jump into any conclusion based upon the title, I'd like to point out that all "demons" were gods at one point before another religion came along and claimed them to be false gods and demons. One mans god could very well be another man's demon, and vice versa. Now then I present to you a different point of view from the bible, when "god" created man, he made him without any knowledge of right or wrong, he made him without the ability to think for himself, in essence he created a pet, and then forbid man to eat from the fruit of knowledge that would give man free will. So to sum it up, god created man without free will, then the serpent came alone and "tricked" man into eatting the forbidden fruit, the same fruit that made man realize his nakedness and gave him the ability to think for himself, the ability to communicate and come up with his own thoughts and feelings, in essense the fruit gave man free will. Why would Kgod not allow such a thing? Lucifer was said to be the serpent, it was said that he did it out of jealousy. But why? He was the perfect angel, why would he be jealous of mere pets? Lucifer the angel was the serpent, he was the one that gave man the gift of free will and he paid the ultimate price for it, not because of his hatred of mankind, but because of his love for mankind. Lucifer sacrifice his postion is heaven in order to give man knowledge. Ponder on this, why is his name light bringer? Because he brought light to the minds of man, it was dark in the garden and lucifer brought light to it, and got punished by "god" for it? How does that make any sense? There's a saying, "history is written by the victor" if god condemned lucifer then he is the clear victor, the bible or "the word of god" is nothing more then a history book that was written by the victor. Open your eyes, expand your quest for knowledge, and seek the truth. Embrace the light, and the one who wields it!
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Hmmm. You're mad. So are all believers in ancient fairy stories (Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc). There is absolutely no evidence for a god, just wishful thinking, childish belief in stories that are baseless and ignorance by people too programmed to listen to and consider th substanciated scientific expalanations for pretty much everything. OK science cant explain the cause of the beginning of the universe or the steps that formed the first living cell but out of all the areas claimed by Genisis that is about it at present and I'd bet on advances in these areas too. So proof shows the universe was not created in 7 days, the Earth is not the centre of the universe, there is no heaven above or hell below, evolution took billions of years to form us - we did not get zapped into existance 7000 years ago or whatever, praying does not do anything etc etc. Wise up you have a life, you die and that is it. So enjoy your life, do not spoil those of others