At Least Once A Week

i don't know why. it just seems like i screw myself over on a regular basis. maybe i just  need to be reminded that i'm not perfect. maybe. but every time i decide i'm going to do something, i shove wrench in it. maybe i'm just so afraid of failure that i destroy my chances before something else can.

juggalove juggalove
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1 Response May 20, 2010

I think our self destructive behavior most of the time hurts worse and has more far reaching impact than when we are hurt by others. We are more desctructive to our self-images than others and being our own worse crtitics and judges, we tend to beat ourselves down more than others can. <br />
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I agree that without failure, success cannot be recognized. I also think that those of us who tend to drive ourselves to failure without any help from others tend to have lower self images and tend not to forgive ourselves easily. That is where the real strategy lies. We must learn to forgive ourselves and realize that mistakes are ooportunities for learning and growth.