Need To Look For Jobs More, But...

I graduated about a month ago, and need to look for full-time employment--one that'll pay the bills as well as Sally Mae, ya know? I've sent out atleast 50 resumes within the last 3 months. I'm still looking around, but for some reason when I seem to be close to the finish line, I sabotage myself (ie I stop looking).

Apart of me feels for my mom. I'm worried about her health, and I feel that when I leave her, her health will fail or something (she has VERY HIGH blood pressure). Another part of me is afraid of somehow screwing up, and screwing up everything. I dont know why I have these feelings. I've been successful academically, and I know I can do well if I try. Still, the apprehension remains. Which is sucky. Especially for the future I'm planning for.

RitaRee RitaRee
22-25, F
Jun 5, 2011