To Close But to Far

I sadgirl have a story to share .. when i was in high school my senior year my  mom's boss wanted me to work for her,, its a motel bussness so i was going to be like the front desk clerk and well i was exciting because my first job and well very happy.. my mom work there too so since i was a lil girl in middle school my mom use to bring me here with her .. they have this big patio where ppl can rest and talk " i guess" when i was listing to my cd player ( no ipod back in those days lol) when behind me i heard this voice saying " deepak wait" as i look back i see my mom's boss calling her son who is almost my age , he is one year younger thatn me.. at that time i was a lil girl and well my mind was not into boys i was more into school and play so i just look at him he look at me and he went back to his mom.. years pass and well i started attending high school and well the first year you could say i was a nerd lol  i use to think of me as the ugly one from my group of friends all of them had at least one boy who likes them and me well i was just left to watch all in the school bus.. my sophomore year came and well during summer i change,, i still use to go with my mom to her job to help her and sometimes i will see the same boy.. my mom's boss son but ths time he was lil more taller and skynni they hindu by the way.. well my sophore year i change i started to dress diff and act diff but still i didnt feel like that was me . junior year came and the same but this time i was not that bad ( not to be conceit).. when my senior year started thats when my mom's boss offer me a job and well i only had to take like 3 classes per day anyways so i say yes.. that day it was hot and real sunny it was a friday so hot when at promt 6.30 i see a red car pulling and i notice that was my boss's car in the car i see 2 more ppl , with was my boss her husband and her son ravi.. and thats when my story actually beging as i see them coming i just stood there like crazy i laid eyes on ravi her son,, he looks so nice so handsome and i felt goosebums across my arms and shy i felt so shy when i notice this feelings i got scare and told myself " you cant like him" lil did i know i wwas going to fall for him.. since that day every time i will see him i will feel the same feelings . but i had to learn that he was not going to be for me  coz he was my boss's son and well they rich his mom dont want him to end up wit someone poor .. i tried my best not to think of him but this feelings were to strong i use to come home and cry in my room i was in love and he didnt even knwo about it.. to be honest i didnt even taught i was his type at all .. but my heart was in love with him. I finish high schoo i  graduated and he was a senior too but we used to go to diff schools.. in that summer he left to college and i felt so sad i told myself that it was impossible for us to be together .. first he dotn like me adn second im not his type..that was summer 2004 as 2005 started he told his mom he wanted to go to another college one that is close to his house.. i used to work on weekends so sometimes he used to come to the office and the same dumb feelings woudl come back to make the story short by mid 2006 i decide i couldnt work there no more because it was damaging my heart coz i foudn out he was dating a real pretty girl so i told my boss that in lest thant 3 month i was going to quick.. later on that week i meet a guy on and well he seem nice and we started talking and chatting and well in 3 months he ask me if i wanted to be his girl.. my heart was not in love with him but i told myself that  maybe it was for the best that this new guy was going to help me forget him i mean i did like him i was just not in love with  him.. so we dated and well in those 3 months i quick my job.. i was going to college community college and to my suprise i foudn a diff job.. but my mind was always thinking of him... my realatioship with this new guy it goes ok and i coudl say it have  his ups and downs but my heart is always thinking of i was doing a facebook when his profile pop in my comp, i went to his profile and well it show he is single and that he is looking for someone real.. and this is the sad part of this story... while he looking for love he dont know that here is someone who loves him who care for him , who would give her life for him.. but reality we cant be together coz first he dont know nothing about me, he dont know i exist and that im in love with him.. i just know that someday he will get married  i just hope when that happend i dotn get to see it or hear it because it hurts.. by the way im latina and he is hindu we cant be together .... And to be honest i think i felt in love with him since the first time i saw him when we were kids.

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It's a big world. We never forget our first love. But,<br />
find someoneelse.