Teenagers Are Fun to Pick On

Well not exactly boo but something like that. My oldest LOVES horror films and last night I woke up to find her watching some movie called the Quarantine. She was freaked out over it and loved the feeling. Just wanted to keep the action going for her so when she jumped into the shower I hung a shirt with a hat above it, from her door frame and left the room dark. When she came out that’s what she opened it too and my guess is it didn’t just hang there but fell onto her. I heard the yelp from my room followed by her door opening, then mine. *giggles* “MOM NOT FUNNY!” and then the closing of doors as she stomped back into her room. J

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

personally I hate being freaked out but she loves it! She goes to all the halloween stuff at the theme parks and has watched those movies since she was little. NOT ME!<br />
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The last time the X jumped out and startled me I just turned and the fist flew! I don't take that well.

thats NOT funny