My Grandma

I lost my grandma yesterday.

My grandma had stage 2 cancer. The cancer she has was able to spread to her bone and her brain. She was supposed to have 4 chemo therapys done. She had 3 and the dr. said the cancer looked smalled in length and width. She was doing well. Yester day her stomach started hurting very badly and she had a fever. My mother called the hospital. The hospital told my mother to bring my grandmother in. However my grandma was unable to get her self in to the vehical and my mom(recovering from a long surgery where se almost died) was unalbe to get her to the car. My mom called th abulance squad and they rushed my grandma to the hospital. They took xrays and the xray dr said my grandma had phenomia. My mom asked why my gma had such pain in her stomach then. He said low phenomia can cause stomach pain. The real dr. cam ein and said the stomach pain she had was not from phenomia, but from sever constipation that it could be seen on the xray...The said they would giver her something for it. Later my grandma had been sleeping and was not responding to anything the dr would do. They asked my mom for permission to put a tube in and my mom siad yes. hey worked on my grandma fro a while to get blood pressure up and my mom said all the sudden one of the nurses called out to my grandma and started to shake her. They told my mom to leave and called a code blue. My mom left the room and later the d. came out and my mom was waiting to hear the good news about how she was ok and that everything was undercontroll and insted he said she died. IT WAS VERY FAST VERY RANDOM........ I WILL PRAISE GOD IN THIS STROM!!!!
lacywebb lacywebb
22-25, F
May 31, 2011