Guys Being Guys.

So I have a couple guy friends that I hang out with. I've known them for three years now, and only been friends the whole time. I love hanging out with them and kinda like that I'm part of the group instead of the "hot chick" that they all want. Unfortunately, that has its downsides. I told them in the past that I don't mind them talking crude, burping, whatever, cuz at the time they didn't do it around me much. But as soon as I gave them the "ok," the floodgates opened. They'll chug beers, then have burping contests. They try to outdo each other's farts. They make crude jokes about me and my friend when I'm right there in the room with them. I didn't realize that by saying "I don't mind" that they would now think that I like it. They're a lot of fun to be around when they're not doing all that stuff, but then other times I'm just downright disgusted. And they think I'm joking when I ask them to stop. Anyone know how I can get them to stop, or at least tone it down?

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

I didn't mind at first, when it was just occasional instances. If someone drinks too fast, they're gonna burp. It's a fact of life, and I know that. And swearing at a video game when you die is pretty normal. But once I said I didn't mind, they started doing the stuff intentionally, like i said, burping/farting contests, making crude jokes about me, my friends, and women in general while I was right there in the room, stuff like that.<br />
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"I don't mind" implies indifference, yes. And I was indifferent at first. But now I'm not. But they think I'm joking when I ask them to stop. I've even gotten so disgusted or fed up that I've just left when they kept going after I asked them to stop multiple times, but they just blame that on me having PMS or a bad day or something.<br />
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They're great guys individually, and really fun as a group until they start doing this stuff, and it's not like they're constantly doing it. It' just that once they start, they don't stop til they get bored.