Fight Over My Own Phone Number With This Guy

As I was getting off the bus at the terminal, I passed these two guys who were just standing there in the opening space near the smoking area. I had to pass them because I was heading for a small mom and pop restaurant for a quick bite to eat. I crossed the street, and out of the corner of my eye; I saw movement following me from behind. I kept going hoping that if I left the terminal, they may not have a reason to follow me as their destination was not where I was going anyway. I heard one of them politely call for me. I stopped with a straight face, just feeling a little bothered. this tall guy with a long red hoodie or sweater and a peanut-shaped head approached me. As he was talking to me, it kind of took a long time for me to respond because…I just didn’t plan to engage in any conversation with a stranger. He was telling me that he had no bad intentions and that he wasn’t trying to seem like he was stalking me. He just wanted to talk. He asked where I was headed and I told him. I crossed the street and this guy was willing to follow me anyway. His cousin was a few yards behind and I began to feel somewhat nervous about two guys following me.

He asks me if I had a significant other in my life or if it was by choice that I was single. I told him by choice and he wanted to know why. I didn’t answer; instead, I just walked into the restaurant. That fact that these guys were with me, kind of spoiled it for me. I had decided to leave after glancing at the food, but when turning around, I saw his cousin sitting there at the table behind me and it kind of freaked me out. I mean if you know your cousin is trying to talk to a woman, would it really be a good idea to be following him around? Why not give him the privacy? Let him be independent? Why couldn’t he just wait at the terminal?

We come outside and I was kind of trapped in this situation. There was no place for me to go but the terminal and these guys were sticking to me like glue. The guy in the red shirt kept asking me for my number, asking if it was possible, and saying he didn’t want to pressure me or make feel uncomfortable. Well, he and his cousin did just that. I swear I was there arguing with these two men for a good 20 minutes over MY decision about MY number. I fed him the excuse that I simply didn’t know him and that I just don’t give my number out to people I don’t know. I don't get the logic in giving out your number to someone you've only known for 4 minutes. You're pretty much opening yourself up to the unknown. So his cousin jumps in, asking me how do I expect to know a person if I don’t try to by starting with a number. I looked for other excuses such as bringing up prank calls I used to get frequently. His cousin jumps in again, accusing me of making accusations about his cousin being a pranker with bad intentions. Funny how his cousin thinks everything is his business.

His cousin asked about my phone information, like which company I was with and if I could just get my number changed, and start on a clean slate just for his cousin. So I have to go through all this just for a stranger who so badly wants my number? What about me? What about what I want? They asked for email or trying to use Facebook. I asked them wouldn’t that be too soon for all this information? His cousin jumps in again and began to tell me how his cousin had his eye on me. He said that his cousin touched him on the arm when he saw me pass by and said that there was a 'glow' about me that no other woman had there. I was feeling uncomfortable, I was feeling beaten down, I didn't like that they were trying to get me to change my mind about my own personal privacy.

I can go on and on with this story but I truly was there for a good while. It wasn't until I got home and told my mother about it that she made me realize that I made the right decision to keep my number private becuase all these men were doing was totally disregarding my feelings and what I wanted. Had my number been given out, I would have been a lot of trouble. They sounded very controlling and selfish and I felt like a game to them. One of the biggest things I hate about the opposite sex is how when a woman says no or even gives all the hints in the world that she is not interested, men still pursue and it nags the freaking hell out of me. I mean think about it;

I wasn't really interested in talking to him
It's not like I STOPPED to talk to him
I was very passive and didn't answer a lot of question
I told him I was single by choice
I hesitated and was not really straight forward with giving my number out
So SERIOUSLY!!!!! How could a man NOT understand all these signs!!? You make it so much worse when you continue to bug a woman to give into something she does not want to do! Not to mention you just make her into an even angrier person and then you men accuse us of being *******. But becuase I did not want to hurt him, I never said a flat out simple 'no', which would have ended everything on an earlier note!

FashionQueen86 FashionQueen86
26-30, F
May 23, 2012