I Can't Believe I Did It

 I had been dating this guy for about a month. I don't even remember how we got together, but in truth, i wasn't that into him. he was the only guy i had been with in a long time however, and i was ready to do anything to make him happy.

 We were down at the river, fooling around in his truck, when he said the three words i didn't think i'd hear for years: "do you wanna?" i had never thought that losing my virginity was very important to me, but as soon as he asked i said no. just, "no, i can't." then a million thoughts went through my head, i was so scared and worried what he would think and do, yet i was so sure i wasn't going to have sex with him. he said "even if i have a condom?" and i said no, i just couldn't. again! we went about our business and didn't talk about it again.

 i never thought it was a big deal that i said no. it just seemed right at the time, as if i couldnt have possibly done or said anything else. today i heard stories from people who wished they had the strength to do what i did. i realized that what i did was incredible to some people, and i just now realized that it is incredible to me as well. i am so afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing around guys that i like even today, yet that day, well, as i said before, it was just right. i hope i can show others that its not so hard, that you don't have to please him, and that most likely, it'll be okay with him if you say no.

Tyler Tyler
1 Response Feb 15, 2007