Still Cry If I Think Of It....

You know, this has been all consuming. Honestly! It makes me so sick to think that my daughter can go to school and be a statistic, just like so many of those children were.

I truly hope that the shattered families can find peace somehow in knowing that they will see their loved ones again in heaven. It keeps me awake at night thinking how one deranged person can cause so much horror and grief with his own selfish act. I wish the media would stop with all of the coverage of the guy, because that in my opinion makes it worse. How many more people are going to try to "go out in a blaze of glory" so they can become infamous? Think about it... We can probably remember who Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are, but can anyone name one student who perished?

I am just rambling... forgive me if this is so "all over the place"... I am still so freaking ANGRY about this! What did a 6 year old do to deserve this? How do I tell my daughter that monsters are not real, when **** like this happens??
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I'm right there with you. I didn't take this well, and I'm sure it's because I have a daughter close to that age. I was in Walmart yesterday and happened to see the magazine that had all the pics of the ones that were killed, and I had to fight tears, with a lump in my throat. I cannot even imagine how to begin to pick the pieces up and move on. I just can't imagine. Only the grace of God will heal these people's hearts. I'm wrecked over this and at times, can't get it out of my head. I pray for them daily. My husband called our kid's school to talk to them about the security and what they were doing. I guess 2 schools in our area have had threats since the display from the stupid media. I remember the Columbine incident too! I actually went to Littleton to the memorial. Ugh Remember how it was all over the media, and shortly after, so many other things happened in schools around the U.S. It's the media, it's the broadcasting they don't back off on! I HATE HATE HATE it. Feeling so helpless, so far away from the grieving families and no way to help them. I guess all we can do is pray for them everyday, and pray for the safety of the schools in our own hometowns! Anyway...thanks for sharing. It's nice to know I'm not the only parent ripped up from this.

I know the magazine that you're talking about. I had to tear my eyes away from it is well. I think this really shook America to the core. I'm not sure how you go on and live through something like that. To lose a child is the worst pain I hope I never have to experience. I can only hope the parents somehow find peace.

Our daughters daycare is doing a project where every child is supposed to make a snowflake. I think this is happening across the country. So snowflakes will be hung in the schools when these kids return. It's not much but maybe the survivors will know did those lost will never be for gotten

I completely agree. I've felt sick ever since I heard about it. It takes a special brand of evil to murder school kids.