We Can Change..

Yes  we can..

More positive we are...

multiple positiveness would merge...in the world..

we would  make it to be better for us.




We  can not change the past...

But  we can change our future..


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13 Responses Feb 14, 2009

We can't change the past... Nor can we draw out our future... So why do we kill ourselves with regret over something we can't change

yes.. kitty.. what you do now will shape your future. ^_^

i know i can change my future...it's in my blood...

yes.. Shine.. the past is not there anymore and we are always facing to the future. what make us is what we do now. so, learning from the past and acquire experiences then our future will be determined and build. so..i think Now is very important.. (((((HUGS)))))) ^_^

hi sleepless. thank you for your comment. yes.. now is our reality.... i agree with you. the scientists experiment .. sounds like a Placebo Effect ..i practiced during psychological study. Big Hugs back *

I have read about the experiment. They record a audio and send (in security box) to many people which they living different place. the scientests tells those people, there is something wrong on the audio, there is a problem in the left in the left headphone when they record it. but there is not any problem actually, it is healthy recorded. those people listen the auido and then they sent (in the security box) it back to scientest again. The scientests listen all the audios again and they recognize there is a problem in the left headphone all of them. those people hhad changed the recorded audio just by their thoughts, because they got an information from the scintest there was a problem in the left headphone. reality was there was no any problem recording but those people have no idea about the reality and they already trust to scientests. here is the result, those people changed the past :)<br />
there is no past and no future... just this second... just "now"... so you should what do you want right "now"... live in the just "now"... Hugs*

hi princess... thank you for your words... i agree... Hugs*

hi Myonis... thank you yes. you said it too. i also look forward for a better future... hope you have nice day.. many hugs *

We can't change the past but we can surely learn from it. Even the hardest lessons can lend an opportunity for a better future!

wow.. that is very intriguing! i want to study.... thank you Hugs*

also we can change the past up to quantum physic... it is unbeleivable but true :)

hi flourlady... happy valentines day.. yes we can do that Hugs*

and we can change the future! thanks hal!