Absolutely. There is nothing we can change about yesterday. We must focus on today and when we do our best, one day ata time the tomorrow's will take care of themselves. Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, TODAY IS A GIFT THAT'S WHY WE CALL IT THE PRESENT.

Live for today my friend. It is not the experiences of today that drives one mad. It is remorse and bitterness for something that happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.


Let us therefore live--ONE DAY AT A TIME!! Like i say on my website--ONE SCRIPTURE AT A TIME, ONE STEP AT A TIME, ONE DAY AT A TIME!! tAKE CARE AND gOD bLESS!! tALK SOON, i HOPE!!

darleen darleen
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

thanks for sharing! this is a really wonderful, uplifting story, something we could all do well to keep in mind.

Great words, thanks.

This is such an encouraging story. Thanks so much for writing it. I think a lot of us do get bogged down in the everyday, not realizing how precious each moment is. Carpe diem!