Sales Girl

My wife Daisy had recently lost her job. She was twenty-nine then, our kids   in the primaries. Now what was Daisy going to do? The question struck to her   core. For a few weeks, Daisy had been making pretty good money selling adult   novelties in people's homes, much like Tupperware parties, except, well, not   just anyone was invited. And this is what happens when you don't know your   hostess.   By way way of intro, my wife is never promiscuous, teetotaller, no known   fetish or vices, except occasional flashing tendencies.

She is voluptuous,   easily aroused but timid. She was not what most modernists would call   stereotypically gorgeous, but I found her attractive. She was a big girl in   more ways than one. I am 6, 2," but I was only a couple of inches taller then   her, and she was well built too. I wouldn't have called her buxom, although   she was carrying some excess weight; she was just naturally a large woman,   with strong widish shoulders, powerful legs, and with a big butt and boobs. I   would guess she probably weighed slightly less than I did, and I'm around 200   pounds. She never made any advances. She had a natural beauty, almost   conquering, throwing physical challenges to any man of virility. I have had   to protect her in bus, crowded train compartments and I am phycially equipped   for that. Nationality and race are immaterial as you will realize. She is   very fair, a little hairy, though she waxes herself almost every week.

This story happened sometimes, geographical locations withheld, when we were   passing through an economic crisis, though never despirited. I had some jo,   not 9 to 5, though the income was steady. We could have resonably manged, but   with two young kids, demands were going up day in and day out.  Me her husband and Daisy had needed some extra money, and a small article in   our newspaper had piqued her interest. Daisy was sure I would admit that it   piqued me as well. From my perspective, I lost weekend days and nights with   her, but I gained by testing the wares and hearing my stories of women's   reactions during my demonstrations. And although Daisy told her customers   that all transactions were strictly confidential, she always shared with me   what our friends and neighbors bought. It was wickedly fun and led to some   good sex.  Her first few outings had been very difficult.

The company Daisy represented,   although having a great product line, didn't have a suggested list of people   for her to call upon for home shows. So, that meant Daisy had to start with   her friends. This had been awkward in our somewhat conservative social   circle, but, everyone enjoys sex, that too with home deliveries... The sales   got better, and pretty soon, Daisy was into the third and fourth generation   of shows from people who had attended her earlier ones. Daisy learned that to   sell her items, it was important to put the ladies at ease, and, at times, to   non-provocatively demonstrate what the gadgets did, or how they were worn.   The biggest selling point had been suggesting how the items could be used to   surprise their husbands, to turn the humdrum of marital status quo into a   night of fun and passion. The parties rarely got out of hand, and generally   only when liquor was involved. But, polite or raunchy, Daisy had learned how   to make it fun-filled. And besides, it was among girls, often with others   much more open than Daisy was about sharing my sex life with others.  It normally took one to two hours for "some show, more tell" of her various   products. Then, Daisy would retreat to a bedroom, where each of the women   would enter to purchase their items privately, so that no one would know what   she had purchased. Daisy kept a stock of all the "toys," but some sizes of   lingerie Daisy had to special order. But overall, her sample bag and boxes   included what seemed to sell the most. Making $1,000 to $2,000 per show was   quite nice, and it had recently begun to get very easy, almost second nature.  

Women who chose their friends to attend such a non-conventional affair   generally selected those who were either randy to begin with, or had a desire   to be randy for a change. Daisy had learned in idle conversation with her   customers that the ones who spent the most money had told their spouses where   they were going. Their "credit limits" were enthusiastically removed by their   husbands as a result. Further, Daisy encouraged the hostess to provide wine,   which definitely seemed to soften inhibitions. Sales wwas steady, and   steadily good. Daisy just couldn't let anyone else take a close look at all   the cardboard boxes in her garage and basement. Yikes.  Her "hostess," Joyce, who had sounded perfect over the phone, had said that   she would invite a good sized crowd that she was sure would be interested in   sex products. As I dropped Daisy at her home, I had some funny ideas. Why not   peep in between to find how it was going. But I did not feel the courage to   forewarn her, lest it would take away the her neighbofun quotient. Joice's   neighborhood had spoken of wealth, as did the cars in her driveway. But it   was only after Daisy had arrived that Joyce explained that, after talking it   over with her husband, Vincent that he had felt more comfortable inviting his   friends than she did hers. Then Daisy had picked up her purse, and headed out   for dinner with the girls. The wives thought only that the men were getting   together for their normal Saturday night college football game and maybe some   cards.  Doing a show for men was definitely out of Daisy's "comfort zone," and Daisy   had begun the evening...terrified. So much for confidence. There were eleven   men, with another expected to arrive. Beers were popping before Joyce had   made it to the door. To put it bluntly, Daisy had the fear of being raped, as   there was no way of escaping an atmosphere of "sex," which, although not   literally, was what Daisy was selling. But the men's good humor had won her   over, at least enough to proceed, and several had seemed more interested in   the football game. So, it all began more manageable than Daisy had feared.   Daisy began with the basics: bra's, panties, garters. There were general   whoops and hollers as Daisy held them up, explaining the colors and sizes   available. Daisy gave each man an order form which listed each item, so that   they could check off those in which they were interested and make notes.   Daisy was pleased to see frequent pen movements. She had dressed for the   occasion not so flashy byt ready-to-need based glamor to sell her   merchandise, no pun intended.  Daisy had to endure a few catcalls, as she held up a see-through body suit,   or a bra with holes cut out at the nipples. They kept joking that they   couldn't make a decision without seeing the fit. Yeah, right. So, Daisy   played to the audience with suggestive talk, but leaving the goods to their   own imaginations.  With the promise of a good sale, Daisy had just wrapped up most of the   clothing items and was just beginning the vibrator selection, when the men   broke to refresh themselves. Meaning more beer. When they gathered again, the   husband of the hostess, Vincent, posed a question. "I'm very interested in   what you've shown us, Daisy, and the prices seem reasonable. But, if we were   to pay double your price, would you show us your products...more intimately?   What about it, guys?" His question was met with an enthusiastic response from   the others, apparently a collusion decided upon during our "break." Her first   reaction was, "Yeah, right." But...  Daisy's resolution faltered to her current dilemma. Her nipples were getting   even more hard with anticipation of waht was to come and her ***** was   already beginning to throb. She was sexy, beautiful and she oozed that   special something at attract men. She had heard that some women give off a   smell that can stimulate a man from great distances. She was one of these   women. Vincent was not fully hard then but his manhood was not pointing   straight down either. Moreover, this job suddenly had the potential of paying   a lot more than her usual 70% commission. But Daisy couldn't answer based   solely on financial terms. If her husband, that is your sincerely, found   out... I had been thrilled to hear her recount each session of who bought   what, but how would she explain this night? Think it through. They were   asking her to model, but, a bra was a bra. Panties, big deal.   Exposing her nipples in a cutout bra would be more fun than embarrassing. she   thought. But to model a vibrator would mean... No way! She wasn't going to   show her **** to a bunch of strangers... Was she? But she just couldn't!   Could she? Daisy realized that her **** was primed. My words "thinking with   my ****" quickly came to mind, as she would narrate later, but Daisy shoved   them aside, however appropriate they were for the wetness between her legs.  Daisy had been looking at the floor while she had considered this, but as she   raised her eyes, Vincent saw that he had her. But he couldn't "have" her.   Yet, he did. The money was enticing, and so was the idea of showing a bunch   of men her 38 C's. I had hardly given me a compliment on her body in months,   maybe a year. Yes, they had her, to a point. But rules were going to be   necessary.   "Okay," Daisy allowed with a devilish grin, "but here's the rules. First, I'm   married. There will be NO sex." Daisy looked at each of them to see that this   registered. "But, any product you're interested in, I'll demonstrate. But you   agree to buy that item at twice the price. Further, I'll start with an   imprint of your credit cards, and we'll record the sale BEFORE I demonstrate   it. And, I'll only pull three items from the bag at a time. They all have to   sell before I pull out any more. When an item doesn't sell, we stop." Let   them consider the expense. And no cameras..  Vincent looked thoughtful and then countered, "That sounds fine, except,   considering the price, we get to try the goods - we dress you, we get to," he   paused, considering, "TEST the vibrator in you, and whatever else you've got   in the bag. But if we use it, we'll buy it. One more thing about the camera.   We need not only a camera, but a live projection also." She had no idea,   Vicent had talked to me the previous night.  

 A small voice withing her cried, "Nooooo!" But she wasn't interested in   listening to it. Her hard nipples confirmed what her **** was screaming at   her. This was like a fantasy that Daisy didn't know she had. Control remained   the issue. This could get out of hand, but, still... Daisy wanted it.   "Okay...BUT, you each have to line up your chairs at least 10 feet away and   stay there, except for the person buying the merchandise. Any only live   projection, no recording." She could handle one on one. Vincent and Alan set   about the camera tripod and there was a huge plasma televison, where she came   alive in minutes. Her face first and body parts, beginning with her pierced   navel expanding and zooming in all directions. If her **** was streaming,   Daisy gave no damn to hide it.   Vincent nodded. "Gentlemen?" There was general agreement. But Daisy wasn't   going to start with the vibrators. She pulled the bag of clothes closer, that   she had just showed them, and began by randomly pulling three items out of   it. She could see that Vincent, at least, appreciated the sales tactic in the   move. "Okay, Daisy, we'll start with the clothes. But there's no dressing   rooms here. You will do the demon the table, in whatever way you like. "   Without permission, Vincent had arranged a huge glass topped "demo table as   he said, with a few focus lights, from the floor. She did not as why. The   thrill was spreading to her groin and she welcomed the comely feeling.  Be still, my racing heart. Daisy gave him her best come-hither look, and   replied saucily, "Obviously, assuming you're brave enough to dress me up."   Her voice sounded much braver than she felt. Daisy would normally have the   hostess do most of the modeling, if any were needed, as part of her duties   for the $200 worth, or 10%, of products that she could choose for inviting   her friends, providing refreshments, etc. And it added to the fun when the   ladies knew who it was that was modeling. So, Daisy hadn't come here prepared   to be undressed. But, she supposed it doesn't really matter, except that her   plain bra and panties would show that she wasn't practicing what she   preached... The clothing was laid out, so Daisy offered, "Who wants to be   first?" Vincent, of course. Approximately 45 years old and full of executive   level confidence and swagger. He walked towards her and picked out a bustier.  

Daisy had him record it on his sales list. It was a good thing she had given   them pens. She wouldn't want them erasing orders after this.   Her skin began to feel hot as she turned her back to the men to undress.   Shoes. Off. Spulled her T-shirt over her head, and then released the clip at   the back of her big white bra which fell away, and her huge boobs burst   forth. Wow, the sight of them had Vincent literally lick his lips. They were   lovely; very smooth and pale looking, and for a 29 year-old woman they were too erect, probably due to their size. Best of all they were topped by   massive erect dark pink nipples. What WAS she doing? Off. Panty hose.  She   appeared to be in a trance. She need to remember to wear garters next time.   She was getting way ahead of herself here. She may have been a shy, slightly   nervous young woman, but she knew what she wanted now all right: she pulled   her knees up and her jeans down and off in a surprisingly slinky efficient   moment, leaving her now wearing only a tight black thong and a big smile.,   noticing for the first time the silence in the room.

She was showing off her   beautiful legs only a model could have, with a beautiful tan that ran down to   her very toes, painted with black nail polish. But her face was the fairest   of all: cute yet sexy Asian complexion, her eyebrows poised in an innocent   but seductive provocation, her nose small and petite, her lips full and   luscious. Her eyes, her eyes were mesmerizing, carrying a charm and a deep   secret within the dark pupils. Her hair was a pitch black on top with some   blonde patches on the side from the sun, adding to her overall sexy   appearance. The blue make up around her gave her already magical eyes an   exotic outline and appearance of a goddess one can only see in their dreams   and wake up not knowing what words to use to describe her divine beauty. Just   the sounds of their suddenly heavy breathing and a faint football game in the   background.   Looking over her shoulder, she made sure that everyone but Vincent, the host,   was still in their seats. They were. This was misunderstood as a tease, and   they Said a few things that She could only imagine might be appropriate in a   ***** club. Then they got silent again, hoping, She supposed. Looking down at   the top of her breasts, smooth and tan, she decided that she did want to   tease them. Daisy looked over her shoulder, smiled, and dropped her bra,   which was followed by a chorus of cheers. Panties. Daisy worked them off her   hips and down her legs, her bare *** facing the men. She stood there mother   naked, as the camera zoomed on her in vicious angles, with glossy lights of   the floor, catching with her insides.This was, more or less, the pivotal   point. Daisy realized that by being the tease, Daisy maintained control, or   at least Daisy hoped. But it kept them in their seats. So Daisy wiggled her   butt as she reached for the bustier.   "Forgetting something?" Vincent stepped beside her, and slowly lowered   himself to one knee, eye level with her ****. The camera zoomed her privates   to full-screen. The tease in her suddenly departed. She didn't know what   shade it was, but she couldn't imagine there was a brighter red in the   universe going by the projections. He held the bustier at her feet so that   she could step into it. Thank goodness she was low on inventory on the ones   that snapped in the crotch and hadn't brought them. Then he rose, slowly,   eyes level with the outfit as he raised it, eyeing and seemingly smelling her   **** closely as the outfit caught between her legs, then stretched over her   abdomen, and finally, up to her 38C's where he jiggled the cups just enough   to cover her nipples, while briefly pinching one nipple between his fingers,   the sly dog. He then turned her around to face the others while he zipped her   back side, making the bustier fit closely to her form, and thrusting her   breasts upward. She felt the tickling spread out to her whole being   accelerated by the mounting catcalls from the men, some of who had already   unzipped their flies and "vows" from the scandalized ladies. Daisy adjusted   the cantilevered straps slightly so that her huge breasts remained   comfortably in, smugly in.  I entered the hall at that point and if she was shocked on seeing me, she did   not buckle. A sensuous, but cruel smirk, covered her face. Aside from me, her   husband, Daisy had never been naked in front of another man, aside from   doctors, since her college days, 10 years ago. Daisy had forgotten over the   years of our marriage those moments of embarrassment when a man sees her   naked for the first time, which were followed by pangs of excitement as a few   dozen eyes and the zoom-lens of the cameras, no three of them in different   angles, devoured her body, hungry for the gift she was giving to them, the   clumsy voyeurs.

And while Daisy wasn't giving herself that way, Vincent's   slow inventory of her body reminded me of the power the female form held over   men. By comparison, his attention made seem to take her for granted. THIS was   a turn-on.   With great pleasure on his face, Vincent said, "Ahem. I believe you were   supposed to model also." Daisy took a breath and then walked closer to the   men, struck a pose revealing her cleavage, turned around, and struck another   pose. And then she climbed on the demo-table, the bottom lights illumnating   her insides obscenely. This sale was done. Forty, no. Eight dollars in the   bag. The room became quiet again as she moved near the two remaining clothing   items. Their faces were staring towards her crotch. With a glance first at   the projection screen and then downward, it was then that she noticed that   she had shaved her **** only recently, though some of her brown hairs were   peeking out liberally from both sides of the thin ***** of material that   "covered" her crotch. It couldn't be helped now.  And so it was that she began working through the bag. Daisy had repacked the   bag randomly, so there was a mixture of provocative and, relatively,   conservative clothing in each mix of 3 items. This became so much the case   that they began bidding against each other for the more revealing outfits,   and then had to take turns buying the plainer sets to spread the costs. And   they were motivated to buy all the clothes so that they could get to the   toys. However they split their purchases, it suited her. It totaled the same.   One guy took out a cell phone and made a phone call and suddenly clicked her   before Daisy could stop him, so she requested that he not invite anyone else   nor take snaps. Those that were there or due to arrive was as much, and Daisy   hoped not more, than she could handle.  There was no doubt that they had to be getting more satisfaction here than at   a ***** club. As they took their turns, their hands covered her from her feet   to her neck, and each man had seen all that there was of her, so the more   exotic outfits became easier to try on. The shyness melted, although Daisy   felt unusually conspicuous among a group of fully dressed men. But then there   was Leon who seemed to torment her. Leon had his pants and boxers around his   ankles and his eleven inch **** in his hand. He was slowly massaging himself   while he watched her show. He looked at her crotch and saw a little brown   stripe of pubic hair. He could see that her **** was dripping a little after   seeing his large member.  

But after the first few men, it didn't matter if they saw or pinched her   nipples through a bra, or all of her body through a see through body suit, as   she was made to try out one after the other, skimpier the slower. Besides, it   became clear that buying the merchandise was an excuse just to grab a feel,   as they fondled her breasts and huge hips in turn. Daisy wa unnerved at   first, but being desired by a group of men was a feeling that, Daisy had to   admit, was...delicious. So Daisy playfully reprimanded them when they grabbed   a ***, or slid a finger between her legs when pulling up panty hose.   Limitations had been set, although it was unnerving to hear a man talk about   how wet his finger was after briefly touching her sex. And it was true. Daisy   just couldn't let them know how good that brief touch felt, and it was a   struggle to keep her body from shivering in response.    The last outfit was the plainest, a simple bra and panty set. Blue satin,   with revealing cuts, but not uncomfortable to wear. As if that would even   occur to them. Her nervousness wasn't extreme, however. The men had kept to   the rules. And besides that, they were having a good time, and were generally   acting...nicely.   As Daisy moved the two toy boxes to the table, she realized just what lay   within. They didn't. Daisy hadn't paid attention to the what they were   discussing, but then Vincent spoke up. "Daisy, instead of you setting the   items out, how about we take turns and grab something from the bag, which we   will buy at four times the price." That seemed reasonable, and it would avoid   their debating who was going to buy what. That would speed things up, maybe,   and everything depended on her keeping control of her responses. And Daisy,   rather her dripping **** spoke that spoke of what she wanted.

Vincent went first, and seeing what he had chosen, furrowed his eyebrows.   This was a sale that his wife would probably never see. Daisy hoped the $500   was worth the experience. Daisy curled her finger to bring him towards her,   and asked him to remove her bra, which he did, gladly. Daisy opened the box   of what was called a nipple enlarger. Daisy had tried it once, and it didn't   do much good for her. It included small rubber rings and a hand pump. "Place   the rubber ring on the long throat of the pump." He did. The rubber ring was   tight against the throat and, he couldn't move it far. Daisy guided his hand   to her breast, and placed the suction end of the pump around her erect nipple   and firmly against her breast. "Start squeezing, slowly."   She was always intrigued by nipple suction pumps. There are low-tech suction   devices, metal stretchers and the more high-tech vacuum devices.  All of   these systems are very popular. Of course, when she had tried it, she was   alone and was nowhere close to turned on. As her nipple was drawn into the   tube, the sensation was exquisite. Her nipples are normally about 3/8" long,   but after a few squeezes, the length doubled as it was drawn inside the tube.   it was hard to speak. "Okay. Be careful not to break the seal, and move the   rubber ring off the end." He understood, and just as he moved it off the end   and onto her nipple, he gave the pump a hard squeeze. Her mouth just hung   open as the sensations took the interstate from her nipple to her ****. Her   nipple was red, long, and caught in an exquisite pinch by the rubber ring. As   she regained some composure, Daisy realized that Vincent was starting on her   other nipple, which ended with a similar result. As the camera zoomed out her   nipples, she avoided watching the screen, which showed some gargantuan   projections.  Vincent was all smiles. Daisy was hoping he was happy, because he now owned   the shop. Another of the men asked a question, which came to her through a   clearing fog. Selvyn, that was it. "Other than a torture device," everyone   laughed, "why would someone want that?" Fair question. Daisy reached for her   blouse and put it on. "it's generally for women with smaller nipples that   want to show a little something through their shirt. As Daisy looked down at   her exaggerated nipples poking into the shirt, Daisy added, "In this case, it   could be used if a woman wanted to look promiscuous or obscene." They nodded   some understanding. But perhaps there were some more sales here. "Just   imagine if your wife met you at a restaurant or a bar like this..." The   thought carried to their imaginations, and Selvyn, at least, made a mark with   his pen.  

The sensations had ended with what Daisy presumed to be numbness. Then   Vincent asked, with a greedy smile, "And how do we get them off?" Daisy   rolled her eyes and held his hands. "Carefully," Daisy replied. She placed   his left hand around her breast to hold it against the pulling action   required to roll the ring off. He understood, and after adjusting his hand   unnecessarily on her breast, he began working the ring off. The sensations   once again flowed as the blood returned to her nipple. Soon, both were on   fire and bright fiery red.   Vincent returned to his seat, and Max, probably in his late 20's and the   shyest of the bunch, took his turn. Bad luck on her part. Nipple rings, but   at least they weren't the clamps. He grinned as he opened the box. The rings   had two small balls on their ends which touched to form the circle. The rings   had been formed to compress at these points, and Max approached her breasts.   They didn't grip tightly, but as sensitive as Daisy was, they didn't feel   particularly good. He played with them briefly before all but ******* them   off. "Owwww!" escaped her lips. The shy one had a mean streak, or maybe he   just didn't know any better. Max apologized, sincerely, as he retreated to   his seat. He looked happy with his purchase, but it wasn't worth the $250   Daisy was going to get.  Morgan, the black beast, was next. He had been pretty quiet, but funny when   he spoke. About her age and attractive. Shoot, they were all attractive, but   at the moment, they were attracted to her. Her ego soared. Regular exercise   for a mother of two had been well worth it. He reached into the other box,   and pulled out the item that Daisy was probably most afraid of. Thigh/wrist   cuffs. Daisy had to give a reminder. "All right gentlemen. Remember the   agreement. You stay in your seats."   Morgan had already opened the box, seen the picture on the cover and was   fastening a Velcro fabric around her thigh. Then he did the other. Daisy was   standing, so he moved her right arm to her thigh, and fastened it with   another Velcro loop that was attached. Then he did the other arm. Daisy   couldn't move, and Daisy didn't like the loss of control. Morgan stepped   behind her and commented to the group, "I guess that's what bondage is about.   Once you tie her up, you can have your way with her." As he said this, he   reached around and grabbed both of her breasts, enjoying the handfuls.

Then   he said, "I think I'll enjoy these," and undid her arms. Whew. That could   have turned Daisy didn't want to get ****** by almost strangers.   Marital commitment, disease possibilities, birth control! it hadn't   dawned on her about that. Daisy had just recently had her diaphragm removed   when her. Daisy had to stay in control, of them and herself. Tall, dark and   handsome, the new vibrator is fashioned after Carrie Bradshaw's on/off   boyfriend Mr. Big. What's so special about Mr. Big you may ask. Well the   manufacturers tell us that he "has extra-long rabbit ears, dozens of gyrating   pearls and easy push-button controls." Though the new Sex And The City  film   doesn't promise that Carrie and her man will live happily ever after, like   the gentleman he is, Mr. Big always delivers a happy ending. Tall, dark, and handsome stood, and Daisy couldn't remember his name. He   pulled out...tickling panties. Well, he was going to have to wash them before   giving them to his wife. He looked at her, curiously. Daisy explained,   "They're kind of fun. They don't tickle, but they include a vibrating pad in   the crotch. The part you will probably like is that they work with remote   control up to 20 feet."  Morgan looked like he had won the lottery for the Love Egg Vibrator. For the   uninitiated, she gave a clinical elaboration. "Egg vibrators are versatile   sex toys that can please a woman or man in multiple ways. They are small and   discreet and can be inserted into the vagina or pressed gently onto the labia   and clitoris. As you learn how to use an egg vibrator, initially apply   pressure with it softly to avoid over-stimulating yourself or your partner."  "Seeing is believing", Morgan quipped. He knelt down and lowered her panties,   exposing her **** yet again to the men and the mean camera lens. He held up   the panties where everyone could see clearly the shade of the material where   it was dry, and the darker shade where it was soaked. Thanks. Daisy stepped   into the new panties, which he guided up her legs. He made a minor adjustment   to make sure that the pad was firmly set against her ****, and smelled his   fingers which were wet with her juices. Thanks, again. He then sat in his   chair and told her to walk around on the table and then the hall. it was the   knowing of what would happen, and not the when, that gave her uneasiness and   to him a huge grin. Because an egg vibrator can create intense vibrations,

He   rubbed the "egg" around her labia to gauge how she felt. Once he was sure of   how much pressure she enjoyed, he put it on her throbbing **** and its hood.   It jolted her. But it was better than their occasional touch with a finger,   MUCH better. it built. it stopped. it began. Suddenly he withdrew it and she   flinched and the audience burst out in laughter. Morgan took it out, and   somebody helped him with a jar of pteroleum jelly, which he gleefully applied   on the egg lubricating it well using a water-based personal lubricant. Once   it was inside of her comfortably, he moved it around in slow, rhythmic   motions, until he finally found her g-spot. it began cycling between intense   and annoying. Trying it out at home before she had left for this party, it   wasn’t all bad… a pleasant buzzing, not too strong or distracting, with   minimal noise. But now all she got was filthy looks, but she wasn’t too   perturbed by the faint buzzing.  Smug grin firmly plastered on Morgan's face, he seemed to have great fun on   me, trying out the different vibrating patterns and enjoying my look of   arousal and confusion as she tried to figure out if he’d changed it or not.   She my main state was one of flusteredness rather than arousal, though… and   while this was entertaining Morgan to no end, it wasn’t exactly a pleasurable   experience for her. Luckily she was ok with being flustered and uncomfortable   as long as she was is enjoying herself. That was enough. "I think a minute is   all I can handle of battery operated devices." Daisy pulled the panties down,   wiped herself off a bit with them, and then handed them to Morgan, which he   quickly moved to his nose. While he was inhaling, Daisy couldn't help but   add, "Enjoy. My husband does." That set the men laughing.  Hugh was next, slightly round in the middle, and the only one in the group   who didn't know what the deal was when he arrived, aside from her, that is.   Another enthusiastic lottery winner. As he reached into the same box, he   added that he was hoping for something remote controlled. based on the way   Daisy had packed the boxes, he probably had a 50% chance. He won.  This was one of her husband's personal favorites, and Daisy told them so. "it   is a remote control egg. it has a little string attached to it so that you   can pull it out of your wife's...**** when you're done. it has a range of 30'   - 40', and, I would add from experience, makes my husband eager to go mall   shopping with me." This was greeted by an assortment of cheers, which she   lost appreciation for as she realized that Hugh was ready for her to spread   her legs so that he could insert his toy. Daisy couldn't yet face doing this   with everyone and the cameras watching, so she stepped around to the back   side of the table, hopped up, and turned herself away from the others so that   only Hugh could see. But she knew the cameras will not spare her ****, as   they raped her with all the viciousness and virility of a young cowboy.   Nonetheless, she was not to be deterred. The crowd was boisterous, thank God,   loud enough to cover the buzzing noise. No one would know she was buzzing.   (Pun intended this time.) She surprised her audience by her dumb look, though   her senses were reeling. Even though she was not a g-spot play enthusiast,   the stimulation  allowed her to reach right to the center of the g-spot and   deliver the powerful vibrations that brought her over the brink of g-spot   ecstasy. She shivered and quivered everytime the remote was pressed, sending    wonderful orgasmic sensations into my ****..  This was met by "boos" from her admirers, but, heck, they hadn't even found   the regular vibrators yet. As she spread her legs, she asked herself if it   was worth the $1000 she would receive from Hugh, and she decided that, yes,   it was. Hugh pushed it in slowly, gently, with his eyes wide. He looked   thrilled when the tension of her **** opening pulled the little rascal in. He   had Daisy lay down on the table as he began to operate the control. it felt   marvelous, and Daisy started counting to one minute, both to keep her mind   off the pleasure building within her and to be physically able to move on to   whatever was next. Hugh surprised her as he placed his head at her ****, his   ear at her puffy mound, listening for the vibrating within. He shrugged his   shoulders and turned the control on full, wrecking her mental arithmetic.   Daisy could also hear Vincent welcoming two new voices. Great, the gang was   all here. At least he explained what was going on, accurately.   Hugh said, "This thing sure is quiet," and he began pulling on the string.  

Slowly. Daisy could only imagine the view as he saw her lips part and the egg   emerge, still vibrating, and now audible. She asked one, "hi; how can you   talk and caress my thigh that the same time?"   "Practice my dear lady, practice." He mused as he finely pinched her labia.   Her sexual stimulation had been building over the course of more than an   hour. So when Tom pressed the vibrator tip to her clitoris she almost   exploded. The thrill, the sensation set her heart to beating and she shook so   bad she had almost fallen down off the demo-table. She let out a little moan   and everyone looked at her. She tried to smile but all she could do was close   her eyes and send river of fluid to run down between her legs. Hugh was   sitting across from her. He jumped up and came around the table. Hugh pulled   back his chair close to her mid-section, sniffing on her ****. She knew what   he wanted so she spread her legs as Hugh dropped to his knees and placed his   head on her ****.   She let out a cry of pure joy and climaxed for the second time even while she   was still pouring out juice from the first. Daisy shook slightly, the   vibrations having felt almost too good within her. Hugh moved closer to where   Daisy could see him, and licked the egg, adding, "Thanks! Daisy," he added   almost as an afterthought.  Daisy took a deep breath, leaned up, looked over the newcomers, and lost her   breath. She was not aware that I had come to pick her up long back but just   had gotten myself a chair at the side and was sitting in line with the   others. I was wearing the biggest ****-eating grin Daisy had ever seen, and   my hand was rubbing a stiff erection under my pants. I winked at her, which   at least meant I wasn't yanking her butt out of there. Would I be mad? I   didn't look it. Daisy wasn't sure if any of the men knew I was, and Daisy   wasn't about to bring it up. Still, it gave her a little security knowing   that I was there.  The men were disappointed to learn that she didn't have any other remote   controlled items, but happy to learn that she had ample stock of those they   had seen. More pen movements. Incredible. Various vibrating ****** came next.   Daisy knew she had two rows of them in the box. The other new arrival was   first. David. As he held up a purple jelly-like 7" vibrator, he seemed right   at home with the idea of walking into someone's home, grabbing a vibrator,   and inserting into an unknown, naked woman's wet and swollen ****. As she   laid back on the table again, she couldn't quite see his other hand, but,   still, it was somehow gratifying that he was probably rubbing his own ****   through his pants! As long as he didn't take it out. But her peace was   short-lived. Even filled with shame, she was shocked to find that she could   not tear her gaze away from the unbelievably huge  organ that twitched   slightly in anticipation of doing some evil deed. He crooned, "Relax and go   with it, Momma. " his hot tongue flicking over her already engorged ****.   "Gotta get this soaking ***** ready for some hard meat. Get down there and   suck my ****, babygirl. Get it ready for your Momma's *****. "  

But she knew it was all empty threats of frustration. The stroking within her   felt really good, this particular vibrator being a great fit, not too thick,   not too long. Daisy had just started raising her hips to greet his thrusts   when Vincent said, "Time!". Drat. But, also good. Who was next? Daisy didn't   care. As each man took his turn, Daisy was surprised to find herself so   analytical. Daisy had anticipated an atmosphere of sex in the room. Now, she   had to admit, sex did hang in the air, the smell of herself. Daisy had no   idea that she could lubricate so much, or that so many men would want to   taste her by licking their juices off their new toys. And Daisy would   definitely be able to commend certain of the vibrators in the future. She had   never quite compared them against each other so...quickly.  Daisy wasn't sure if I was play-acting when it was my turn, but I did it all   wrong. I knew the tempo Daisy liked, and I wasn't giving it to her. I seemed   tentative, and the sensations building within rebelled against tentative.   Daisy reached down to guide me slightly, but I removed her hand and continued   to frustrate her. Daisy was actually happy to hear Vincent announce, "Time!"   My turn was over, and it was Vincent's. I think Vincent must have been a good   student. He wasn't tentative, and in fact, was giving her just the pleasure   Daisy desired. Daisy was building steadily, and quickly began raising her   hips, because it felt so good. And naughty. A gasp escaped her lips. The men   were giving Vincent encouragement to finish her off. He was masterful with   the strokes, but Daisy couldn't quite get there. Then Daisy felt him place   his thumb on her ****. And press. And rub. That was not part of the   demonstration, but Daisy didn't care. Daisy was breathing hard, and Daisy   could feel her ****** nearing. A "yesss" escaped her lips, just a thrust away   from *******, when Daisy heard "Time!" it was me. I did that intentionally! I   knew her body like the back of my hand, and I knew that just the pause in   action would step her down steeply. Vincent smiled at her, and said, "Daisy,   you're close, and you know you're going to *** before we're done." Daisy just   smiled. Daisy certainly hoped so, if, I, her idiot husband didn't wreck   things.  Everyone had a turn with a vibrator, and two men twice. Thomas, a graying   40-ish, distinguished looking man, reached in for a package. He must have   been looking forward to another vibrator but was clearly disappointed. Daisy   wasn't. He unwrapped an 8" *****, with a suction cup on the bottom. He   obviously had wanted to get more intimate, but then realized that this could   be fun, too. He moistened the suction cup, stuck it firmly to the table top,   and said, "Okay, show us."  Her vibrator shows had basically been away from the guys, so each guy had a   "private" view on his turn. Thomas, however, turned her around, so that   everyone could fully see her nakedness. So many eyes, just watching her.   Daisy couldn't imagine being so beautiful, like a celebrity, that men looked   at her with that intensity all the time, with their clothes on. But these   lustful eyes wanted her in a way that gave her more confidence in her body,   or, in some way, just being a woman, than she had ever known. Daisy was   terribly turned on, and frustrated by the vibrators.  Daisy squatted, somewhat obscenely, over the *****. Her legs were spread   wide, and she could only imagine how her swollen **** looked to them and on   the screen. The moisture glistened from her legs as the top of the *****   parted her ****. She lowered herself, slowly...fully. it was easy after all   those vibrators. Her sense of balance was a bit unsteady, so Thomas held one   hand as she began raising and lowering herself. Daisy decided that she was   really enjoying this. Who was she kidding? Daisy knew that she was enjoying   this ever since she had dropped her bra.

She looked at each of the men   briefly, their eyes not watching hers, but rather at her sex. That is, until   she came to me. I looked right into her eyes and mouthed the words, "I love   you." What an occasion for that.   She concentrated on the fullness of the ***** and increased her tempo. She   didn't care who said "time," She wasn't stopping. She began to pant..., then   grunt... as the ****** began building. Thomas moved behind her and steadied   her by cupping her breasts, and she didn't care. My ****** was just about to   trigger when Thomas had the good sense to squeeze her nipples, and she gave   into her desire, screaming I don't know what. Daisy screamed with pleasure as   she came fiercely, her sticky wetness dripping down her thighs. As the last   of her ******* subsided, she stepped off the *****, and sat on the table.   Daisy pried the ***** loose from the table and handed it to Thomas, who   looked ecstatic with his purchase.

At least, Daisy hoped it was a purchase.   Daisy hadn't been paying attention to their order forms of late.   Vincent was a good host, and made a quick errand to get her a towel which she   used to clean up with. That was probably the most embarrassing part of this   experience, rubbing a towel over her sex and down her legs in front of them.   Cleaning up had always been something she did in the bathroom, by herself,   but the boys just talked over it. When she finished, they got quiet. They   were probably wondering if the show was over. Daisy thought it probably   should be. But just as Daisy was thinking that, Max, the baby of the bunch,   walked quickly over to a bag and withdrew an item. "The rules, you know. As   long as we keep pulling stuff out, you have to demonstrate." A deal was a   deal, and, heck, Daisy was still turned on. Daisy looked over at me, who held   his head in his hands, wiping the sweat off my forehead. Daisy supposed they   were all pretty well worked up.  When Daisy returned her eyes to Max, he was holding the package in front of   her. Well, this would be different. The other men couldn't see what Max had   chosen, so Daisy explained. "Okay, guys. Turnabout is finally fair play. Big   Max here is going to have to drop his pants." Everyone laughed. "This is what   is called a **** ring. it does two things. it constricts your ****, which   keeps it hard for longer. Also, this particular set includes 7 rings, each   with various textures that would please your partner during sex. As I   mentioned, you can't try this on me, but it'll at least fit you." Max, to her   surprise, had already lowered his pants and his underwear quickly followed.  This was a sight. "Big Max" was right. Daisy turned him profile to the group,   with the desired effect upon me so that he could compare my own 8 inches to   this 10 or 11 inch tiger. Daisy had to kneel to do this right, and she had no   doubt that the men were thinking blow job. Let them think what they wanted.   The **** rings varied in size, and they were to be placed in a small strap   that would keep them spaced properly. She held the ***** along the top of his   ****, and began working the largest of the rings down the length of his ****.   Excuse me. His hard, veiny, and very hot ****.   When Daisy pressed the ring back as far as it would go, his **** swelled   enormously. Daisy grabbed the second of the rings and began working it, first   over his fully enlarged head and then towards the base of his ****.

The heat   from his **** was amazing. And the way it was all stretched tight, she had to   admit, did make her want to give it more than an idle lick. But, no. That   would be a bad idea. There was just a little farther to go when her hand felt   his **** shudder. She thought she was the center of attention and she was but   not for long. Across from her stood Max. His thick **** was fully extended;   it was over a foot long, curled up so it pointed back at his flat muscular   belly. In that second as I watched, Daisy reached up pulled his **** down   taking over half of it into her mouth. Things went all crazy after that.   Daisy was sucking half of Max's **** and ******* on the other half. , then a   stream of *** struck her face. Daisy was only stunned for a second and then   tried to move out of the way, but Max turned with her, showering her face   with his ***. He had pretty well sprayed her nose and her eyes, and Daisy had   to wipe them clear. The silence of the moment was broken suddenly by the   noise of the men, who had all left their seats for a closer look. I grabbed   her long hair and used it to piston her mouth up and down, making her lips,   tongue and tonsils rape my ****. Bill grabbed her hips and tried to shove all   nine inches of his rod into her raw, gaping *******. I pushed him away   screaming. I had already begun ******* her mouth harder and deeper, gagging   her with every forceful thrust. My grip on her hair, became tighter and   tighter and my thrusts became faster. It was all she could do to keep from   throwing up because my **** tip kept pushing her tonsils back. Then one final   thrust ...I began pumping all over, same rhythm, same motions. I remember   thinking to myself how much more slutty could my wife be? She didn't seem to   care, she just wanted to get ******.  I screamed, ramming her throat as if it   were her *****. Shot after launching shot, my warm, thick, gooey *** slid   down her throat, coating every inch of her mouth.  

I guess this excited Bill because he wasn't far off. He began stroking his   **** hard and deep, grinding his **** into her breasts and punching her butt with his  **** head. His hips moved side to side, making his **** dig into her back, and like   clockwork, both Bill and I erupted at the same time.   Vincent, thankfully, took the lead to control the situation. "Guys, we're all   pretty well pent up here. Daisy, if we promise to buy one of whatever's left   in the boxes, and tip you on top of that, you wouldn't mind the rest of us   *******, would you?" THIS was helping? Daisy couldn't believe it!  Her brain started to raise an objection, but if it's possible, conscious   thought stopped. They mistook her silence for permission, and Vincent was the first to lower his pants and start stroking his ****. The others gathered around him.   Twelve of them, including the good-old watchman, who was jsut poking his dirty look towards her, with Max watching. Max's **** had been the first **** Daisy'd   seen other than Me, since...well, since another guy had seen her naked in   college. it had been a long time. And here Daisy was, surrounded by variety.   Short, long, thick and thin. Straight, curved, hairy and almost bare. Small   balls and...huge ones. Oh her. Vincent looked loaded. But they were all   bright red, with pronounced veins on the shafts, swollen heads that looked   about to pop, and openings which were already wet. Pre-***. Turned on by her,   a married housewife.  

Daisy was afraid of where this could end up, but she knew I  was here.   Control remained the issue, but it was like inviting her own doom. "Go ahead   and step closer! Surely some of you would like me to help." Daisy reached to   her sides, and grabbed two *****, one of which was Vincent's. I could just   stroke myself silly. Daisy wasn't giving me any mor help. The ***** felt   wonderfully thick, warm, and...alive. it was hard to divert her attention   from their raging hard-ons, but Daisy looked to see me, still with the wicked   grin, but with a distant look in his eyes, as I was staring at her breasts,   or perhaps the *** that had dripped on them.  "Big tips...boys." Her voice faltered as I shot into her hair and on her   shoulder. I hadn't *** like this ever, and my goo seemed to coat her like a   blanket. Her fault, she supposed, for not emptying me earlier. A hot splash   hit her on her cheek, and Daisy turned to see Hugh's **** blasting his white   goo towards her, little trails arching in the air towards her. Then the   bottom dropped out. *** was coming from everywhere, and Daisy was caught   between watching these men's ***** and closing her eyes to avoid their ***.   The smell of *** seemed to permeate the room, or did it? Her face was coated.   Daisy probably couldn't smell a rose if they held it up to her.  The men had been shouting all sorts of things that She had never thought She   would hear directed to her... "*****," "*** covered ****," "bay-beeeee."   Daisy supposed that this was their way of saying that this was their fantasy,   too. But as they emptied their *****, some semblance of reason took hold, and   they backed away from her a little bit. As She stood, She realized that they   just wanted a better look. Or if they had ideas of touching, maybe they just   didn't want to get their hands wet. Daisy wiped *** from her face, but it   felt super sticky in her hands, so She wiped her hand off on a breast, which   was already wet enough. They thought she was teasing them, and, it turned out   she was, as a string of *** dangled from her nipple. Daisy couldn't help but   laugh, so she wiped some more *** onto a finger and made a show of it by   admiring the dangling goo before she wiped it off, over acting her search for   a dry spot to wipe it off. What a mess. Daisy asked for the towel, which   Vincent found tucked away behind me. Surely I hadn't tried to hide it. Daisy   noticed that the guys' dicks were slowly getting harder, and She had to   regain control before...  Daisy wiped her face and hands off with the towel, then wrapped it around   herself like a bath towel. I, at last, did something to help her situation,   and pulled my pants up. The others seemed to follow my lead at that, at   least.  Now it was time for an accounting, and the men found their lists. The towel   fell off as Daisy tried to select their orders from her stock, which I and   Hugh had brought in from the car. Daisy found her panties, and pulled them   up, her juices quickly wetting them. Daisy hadn't sold anything in the nude   before, but, standing there, almost naked, with dried *** here and there,   well, most everywhere, seemed to keep their interest. Daisy raked a hand   through her hair, finding some wet *** with her fingers, Mine probably, and   wiped it on her breast, then smoothed it out to dry. Daisy had their   attention. "A deal is a deal, gentlemen."  

The total was just over $18,000, by far a record. Daisy had sold about $13500   in products, which was excellent for a group of 12. Daisy was definitely going   home with some spending money.   Vincent asked if Daisy would promise to do another show, in lieu of whatever   arrangements Daisy had made to pay his wife for hosting. I didn't object, so   Daisy said, "Sure. But the same rules." it quickly became unlikely that   Vincent was going to arrange another group, however, as his wife arrived home   with a friend to see her packing her boxes, bare breasted, and the smell of   *** obvious in the air. And, if Daisy couldn't smell the ***, She was sure   She could figure out what the sticky stuff on her hardwood floors was all by   herself. Her friend almost fainted, and retreated out the door.  I and Daisy were the last ones to leave. Vincent's driveway was relatively   private from the street, and Daisy couldn't wait any longer. I was just   starting my car, parked a ways behind. Daisy bent over her trunk, raised her   skirt, and looked over her shoulder in invitation. My car started, I turned   on the headlights, and then Daisy heard the opening and shutting of the car   door. Blinded, Daisy heard only footsteps and a slight "zip" before Daisy   felt me enter her. Hard. Wonderfully Hard. You just can't buy a toy quite   like that, but this thought was interrupted by the pleasure of me filling her   and the sound of a slammed door somewhere deep in the house.  Comments and suggestions are desired, especially from those who have shared   it with their spouses. it would only take a few moments to make an author   very happy... 
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