Singing Is Good For Your Health

I know with myself that i can sing quite well, i enjoy singing when i'm alone. However, im too shy to show it. On the other hand, im comfortable with singing in front of others when im drunk, thats just a laugh. I love singing in general as long as  it suits my voice  and the song isnt too high pitched. Ive played Singstar for playstation 2 three times in my life and im still unbeaten. And each time i was drunk. Last time I even beat one of my friends who's taking private singing lessons and has his own band where he's the lead singer. Buyah!
Wraither Wraither
22-25, M
5 Responses Aug 13, 2007

Etta James' classic song At Last. Or the blues tune originally by Ray Charles called I Don't Need No Doctor. Or some of the psycho solo stuff by John Frusciante. How about you Mrs. 1999?

You can't stop me from singing in front of an audience, LOL. What are some of your fave to sing, W?

Well, isn't this an old story? I sing in front of whoever I want nowadays :) You should try it, it's great!

Singing is great for you!!! I'm always singing in the car, at home--used to sing to my kids--now I do my grandson. Karoake has been fun to do---<br />
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Singing just makes you feel good.

I'm with you, W!!! I love to sing, but totally choke in front of people unless I'm completely **** faced!! We should totally sing a duet!