Heh... karaoke. That brings some good memories. It was on my last cruise, where I met the one guy who's ever loved me at all (and I hate people telling me that there's more fish in the sea and that I haven't lived long enough and I don't know what I'm missing or blablabla... so ).

It was the third day when my sister, her to-be boyfriend, Sean (the guy) and I decided to do karaoke one night. And we actually went back on the fifth night, too. Well, the third night my sis and I sang "Eye of the Tiger" really bad together, but we had a great time. I sang solo on Friday, adn I was so nervous 'cuz getting up in front of a crowd and singing isn't my forté, but at the same time, I felt the nervousness melt away because I knew no one really cared if you sang badly or not; the whole point was to have fun! And it turns out that Sean liked my singing and complimented me with open arms.  *sigh* I really do miss "scary-oke" night on that boat... lol.

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lol, as long as you like to sing it is all that matters.