"my Girl"

It was a getting acquainted kind of party for school. There was a pool table, air hockey, movies on a giant in home theatre, food, a basket ball court, and of course, karaoke machine. I played pool for a little while, and found out in the course of what I shamefully call a game, found out I sucked, royally. So I just talked to people, for a while and made my way to the air hockey table, where I spent a good fun filled thirty something minutes. After my arm started to get tired, I stopped by the in home theater screen and caught some of “the day after tomorrow.” I left because it was half way over and I hadn’t seen it yet and I didn’t want to have it ruined for me. I went and ate some food, talked to people, then left to go try and regain my dignity at the pool table.
After a short while, one of the guys who has this perception of himself as a very musically inclined person, comes and gets me and some other guys to go to a group karaoke. He heavily suggested we should to ”my girl” and I was like what the hell is a my girl? I’ve listened to many various types of music since I was little and that name definitely did not ring any bell. And yet some how everyone else but me knew it.
I know what you are thinking. Karaoke, words on a screen, singin in a group how hard could it be? Well first you should know my vision is impaired, and I had to squint to see the words (the one night I didn’t wear my contacts). Somehow the an idea sprung forth that we should switch back and forward from singing in a group, to singin solo, and that we would each have a turn. My turn comes up, I don’t know the song, and I can’t see the words. I’m all by myself trying to get this stupid song from the 60’s that somehow everybody but me knew existed, and I could just feel all the eyes watching me. I shortened my turn, and passed the mike to someone else. We finished the song as a group and I gladly got off of the platform and went  as far away as I could,  to figure out how i would regain my dignity this time
Jake Jake
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 31, 2006

omg duddde i would have died! takes alot of guts to do that

Ah, I would have freaked. At least you played it off cool and passed the mic instead of wetting your pants or something. :]

You'd be amazed that the people there probably looked up to you for "looking stupid" I'm proud of your strength and courage... you didn't know the song AND couldn't read the words though YOU STILL went through with it!<br />
<br />
*bows in respect*