I Miss You.

I remeber this time because there isnt day that goes by where i wish the child i tried to save had died.

I had tried to save a 22 month old baby, she died in my arms, she wasnt mine she was best friends little girl. She was my everything though, i played with her all the time, to cut along story short she had fell off my mates bed and snapped the top of her spin. I tried doing C.P.R but i failed as i had never done it before, it was my friends boyfriend who had brought her to me, lifeless!

A murder enquiry took place, my friend wa sheavily pregnant with the next so ended up in a bail house while the trial took place. I had to be moved out the block, i moved into a new house as i couldnt bare to be in my flat. Me and my friend had a fallen out over something stupid and this is what she said "you used my child to get your new house"!

I ran and ended up in a field behind my new house and thats where i cried alone. Trust me you feel alone, theres no one who can help with your pain and to this day i will always remember the day i cried alone :-(
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

OMG .. *runs and hugs trulysad* .. I am sorry ...your friend does not sound balanced ... and yes you must protect your children from any harm , you sound like a wonderful person ..it is sad when someone dies .. but absolutely heartbreaking when it is a child .. I empathize with how u feel and wish you peace truly ... *HUGS*=-(

oh my gosh, im so sorry for you. I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and that is my worst ever fear as you feel responsible for their well being for the rest of your life, I cant believe what you and your best mate have gone through, my mum always says 'hurt people hurt' so im sure your mates comment to you must have cut like a knife, but she must have been lashing out as hurt too, im sure she knew the love you had for her child. so sorry for your pain, its such a tragedy, and i hope you and your mate dont have to go through any other trauma again.