Every Damn Day....

I am a strong person physically and mentally but after all the events in my last story i have been crying everynight and at times three four times a day, no matter where im at i can fall to my knees and cry over this pain i have in my once thought to be heart thats why i prefer not to go out alot anymore cause im a dangerous emotional wrecc, *****, weed, money, alcohol non of it helps a broken heart...no a shattered one....
siccmind siccmind
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

life is so hard isnt it? <br />
feeling crap and using alohol and drugs arent going to help, but i can understand y u used them <br />
even tough people can break down once in a while because you think you can shoulder everything until it all collapses on you and you never noticed how bad and how much you've been burdened with<br />
<br />
the only thing that i can tell you that might be helpful is to go out - enjoy yourself, laugh with ur friends be positive, even if i know it is hard.......stop thinking about how crap ur life is and start being greatful for what you do have (i sound heartless dont i? im sorry if i do) but it really does help....think about friends, your health you've got food clothes and a roof over your head<br />
<br />
its hard but dont dwell too much on the bad things, think positive, learn again wat happiness feels like (its more addictive than extacy) ahaha <br />
<br />
wat i said here might be wrong because i havent read and dont know your story but take it from me, i know wat it feels like to have ur world collapse around you its tough but you have to learn to stand on your two feet again <br />
who knows wat the future holds for us?<br />
<br />
be brave after you get over this you would be a stronger person (even if it seems unlikely now)<br />
keep going =]