It Was Just Too Much.

The job where I work had some unfavorable conditions for me last year around this time. Colleagues did not help me. They would spread rumors. My supervisor was on their side. No one believed me. Work pressure was overwhelming. People were judgemental and just did not try to understand me. I was lonely, away from my family.
One day, I had to go to the doctor. After the appointment I went to work just to find that my work had some problems. My supervisor yelled at me. Some seniors yelled at me. They just did not understand that yelling and being rude to someone who is at a lower post than you is not the solution. A kind advice and suggesting or explaining the solution well would be encouraging in such situations. But they never did that. They would make fun of me, mock me every time and made me feel weak and non-existent. Probably, that might have made them feel important and better!!
I was asked to repeat the whole assigned work again. It was raining heavily outside and everyone had left. It was almost evening time. I somehow finished the work and had to sit to finish the documentation. My supervisor did not even take in to consideration that I had been to the doctor that very same day. He asked me to finish documenting before I left.
That was when I was with myself. It was around 8 pm. There was no one there. I was alone and I couldn't control it. I started crying like a little girl, loudly and for a long time. I just couldn't stop it. It was a way in which I was letting out the frustration, pressure, sadness, anger, hatred. I just prayed to Him to help me out of the situation. And you know what God helped me. :). In some days, the supervisor had to leave on a vacation and I was transferred to another department. He, himself, suggested that. It was kind of a demotion. But I would say I was the happiest person then. Though they were the same colleagues with whom I had to work with, the new supervisor was much fairer in decisions and did stand for me at times. God had sent him to my rescue!!!
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I know what u r talking about. At my work place, I am practically surrounded by incompetent people,<br />
Inluding people in upper management, and they have all ganged up against me. They <br />
Don't have company's interest in mind at all. They supress me so mercilessly that it <br />
Unbelievable.<br />
<br />
But I like the work I do here, even if not the people. So I am continuing, it is a trade off.

Work place bullying is an insidious problem and hard to beat. But One who sees it all happening is our best advocate as you have found. Twice now in bullying situations the Good Lord has removed the difficult person when it got to boiling point. In my case, the unhelpful supervisor was relocated to where I was, a wiser man, changed for the better and much fairer.

Thanks immadome, I really wish you were there to support me. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't be afraid of anyone. But I avoid getting into arguments and try not to hurt people. But I would say I'm much stronger than I was back then, thanks to the rough experiences and trust in God and talking to Him. Also, I try to take advice from strong people (like you), read online and try to inculcate the advice into my life. :) Thanks for offering to fight for me. Really appreciated. God bless you.

B STRONG :)<br />
<br />
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Hey Vignette. :) was funny. Thank you for the comment. Yes, I am in a much better position than I was back then. I got stronger day by day. Few of the colleagues who had made my life miserable went to another place to work, since the office got divided. :) God really had helped me out. :). Also, Vignette, I try to speak my mind at work if someone is bothersome or is bullying me. I let them know that and try not to take any **** without being rude. :). Also, just two days back, I had a similar situation where some colleagues made me feel miserable, were not helpful and I got insulted in front of my everyone by another new supervisor, I cried in front of the colleagues. I couldn't take it anymore. It made them realize that I am a human, too. I told my supervisor about it and how hurt I was. It is helping me that I am being clear. Thanks for reading my story. Take care.