Are My Screams Just A Whisper???

Why is it that every time I break down and cry in public, nobody cares??? One of the most recent times, I was riding my bike home when I hit a red light and just couldn't keep it in anymore. I fell to the side of the road and cried and screamed and a couple of cyclists stopped at the light, too. I swear they just pretended not to see me. I ALWAYS help people whenever I can, I would've done something, why didn't they??? Why doesn't anybody ever help ME when I need it???
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6 Responses Aug 12, 2010

you have a heart and soul for pure talent Amazing words you have penned here....:)

So glad you CAN cry, scream, vent your frustration & anger. So many hold feelings in. When you cry, what is the feeling underneath? Can you 'follow the string' to that feeling? Example: Is it rage? follow the string to the feeling under it- helplessness? Frustration about something? May sound different, but, while you feel & express your feelings, use an out-side 'You' to also take an analysis of them. Group therapy might be very helpful for you. Maybe your county health dept. or a nice liberal church could help find one. Wishing you the best, always!

Many people are frightened by the sight of someone crying. I don't understand it either, but I think it embarrasses people to see someone--anyone, friend or stranger--feeling such raw feelings right in front of them. Remember also that a lot of people never cry, they just stuff it all down inside themselves. This is their weakness, but it leaves them uncomfortable in the presence of someone who is crying. Hang in there, there really are good, sympathetic people out here--it just may take a while to find them. And if you ever need a cyber-shouldr to cry on, you know where to find me!

i hope i can cry in public too but im afraid of embarrasing myself.

I would have helped you =( <br />
People are mean

For them ,you are a stranger.Most of people don't show their cares to someone they aren't familiar. So,don't blame them too much. There must be some way you can get help, you just not found it yet.Even nobody help you now, you can help yourself, right?