Am I The Only One That Does This?

I have a belief that if people see me cry, that I am weak. I feel like no one should see me cry. What do tears do? They don't solve anything, and they don't help anything. So I just hide my emotions under a mask, and pretend like I am that girl who is strong. My friends look up too me, they think I am the strong one who doesn't fall apart when she is alone. Or the one who anyone can count on to be there for events, and ect. I just wish sometimes there would be one person that would come up to me and say: I know your not okay. Everything will get better though.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I don't think strong persons don't cry. It is okay cry, I also cry a lot sometimes. I think crying helps me to relieve mind and heart.... It helps me to put together all the broken pieces of my heart and carry on. It's really hard to hide emotions, so I just let it flow in the form of tears and believe me it helps, it really does. :)

I just feel like tears don't solve anything, so I hold it all in. Next thing I know, I am like glass, I break, and once I start crying, I can't stop.