why are you willing to chat here and yet standing in a check out line i try to get a conversation going and am dissed.i am not trying to be your best friend.
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I am one of the ones who tends to chat with everyone, everywhere. In checkout lines, at bus stops, on the bus, anywhere will do.

Real conversations are harder. Eye contact and body language, tone and inflection, and proper responses. So much work goes into meaningless small talk. That and social phobias. Personally, I hate having to talk to people. It freaks me out. Because of that, I know I sometimes come off as rude, but that is not my intention.

Don't even sweat it. Some people are weird like that. It is just like my facebook page. I go to register for school and a girl that is a friend on my page I see her and say hi, yet she looked like she didn't want to acknowledge that she even knew me. So what let it be. You can write me.