Feel Stupied

I cry regularly and hate it .I suffer with severe deppression and my family know I have problems copping but we dont talk about it .They know dad is a proud man and crys alone .
beastman111 beastman111
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This is maybe the most incredible post I have ever seen on this site.

I started doing some of this and wow.

Get a full spectrum light box

Light therapy really helps. Jack has a friend who lives in Alaska and a scientist who spent time in the Antarctic. They swear by them

Hugs beastman111. I was diagnosis with severe depression when I was 21. It has been a constant battle every since. I still have my bad days that turn into weeks..months.. years. My family treat it as if it is nothing. They say it is just you being strange and different. I often wait until all have gone to bed and cry to myself.

Talk therapy and medication was great for me when i was in college. Maybe you can find a good therapist to talk too once a week. Or write your feelings down on paper. I hope that you find a way out of your depression. my love and prayers will be with you.

thankyou that means alot to me we could swap difficult moments and support each other I have msn and yahoo email and messenger

Its sad you go through this alone. Depression is a hard condition to suffer with. My mom suffers with it, sometimes it gets very bad.