You Will Never See Me Cry

It all crashed over me like a wave of pain... Engulfing my throat and eyes.... Tears forced its way out and I crumbled into pieces.....

I had to walk away... I had to leave... I had to distance myself from him... But I sat there in the middle of a crowded park..... I could hear the pity speaking through his eyes... I could read it in his limp body reaching out to console me... My body screamed to move but my will power had been slapped out of me... I sat there stunned angry, scared in excruciating pain... HOW DARE YOU!!! I wanted to cry out! HOW DARE YOU!!!! TAKE MY PRIDE AND DIGNITY and leave me here breathless and cold.....

I gave you my all, my everything, my already broken shattered heart... HOW DARE YOU BUILD ME UP JUST TO PUSH ME OVER... How dare you sew me back up just to pull me apart! HOW DARE YOU look me in the eye and say I LOVE YOU and take back those words right after you made me lay naked beside you trusting you with my heart and soul.... I stared aT you confused and in shock bitter tears ******* my eyes as you spoke BLAH BLAH BLAH... iT don't matter what else you had to say... "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE" said it all.... I warned you in the beginning to not break my heart, to not leave me broken to not set me up to fail.... But you didn't listen... You didn't hear... You didn't care.... You didn't leave... And now... After making me believe your lie you have the nerve to confess it!

Your touch sickens me I flinch and pull away... Your smell make my skin crawl and I have to hold my breath... The sight of you makes my eyes sting I turn and look away... Your voice makes my body shake with fury damn you lied!

AND YOU will never ever I promise ever see me cry!



LadySoulist LadySoulist
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I'm sorry :(