In Gundagai

it was my grandmother's funeral. mockingly green country town, beautiful weather. it was my first funeral. i felt so out of place and too distressed. i left. i was crying. i walked and walked. i got myself lost taking random turns but i just kept going. my feet were blistering in the sensible heels. i walked up the highest hill, sat down on a giant rock in the middle of some scrub and cried. after a while i walked back down. i checked in on the church and there were singing amazing grace. i couldn't handle that. i went outside the church and sat on a park bench and cried. it was awful.

ocelia ocelia
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

There are no adequate words... For the truly important events, there never are. It is ironic. The anguish of knowing that a singularly wonderful person is gone and beyond our reach is torment enough. But funerals inevitably remind us of how short is our time here on earth. The irony is that only time can soften the sharp pain of a loved one's loss. <br />
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Love, it seems, is our only solace. Embrace that love. It is your gram's most precious gift to you.<br />
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amazing grace always makes me cry. sorry about your gran :(