I Don't See Any Problem With This : )

I wear pull-ups almost everyday, I like them during the day cus they don't bulk up, but I sure don't change them just cus there a lil wet, heck I gone almost the whole day wearing one. I usally wear girl kinds, they fit me better and I seem to think they hold more : )
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I think they feel better wet : )

I love the feel of a very wet nappy. I have a large bladder so when I wet, I saturate most nappies and can only wet twice before sitting down in it is not an option, and three times always results in leaking and wet pants! Just love it when the crotch is full of pee and hangs a bit low in the baby pants so when you walk it swings between your thighs and makes you waddle like a baby. Even when the pee grows cold, it still feels good and reminds me what a baby I am. lol

Sometimes I will were a goodnight under my diaper fill it up til it leaks into my diaper its pretty fun

They're only good when you can wear them wet for 6 hours ;-)

Yeah I agree, they arn't made to hold alot, but its OK with me, I don't care if they leak out cus I just like how easy they are to wear and how good they feel. I do have to admit though, that the pullups I wear are Goodnites which are just the same but in a bigger size : )

never had pull-ups that kept enough - which do you use?