I Sat On Her Thighs

There were five girls who had to manage sitting in the back seat of the car. My art teacher said, "You're light like a feather. Come, sit on me." I sat on her thighs. They were pretty warm. After a while I found one of her fingers entering my inner thighs. I did not remove it. She got encouraged and started fingering me. I had no other option but *** in the car........
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8 Responses Dec 15, 2012

so nice :)

Oh yeah! !!😲

Superb way to pass some time in a car!

Your teacher certainly had you motoring along while sitting on her thighs. Delighted she proactively seized upon an opportunity which you accommodated that culminated in her fingering you to a sumptuous ******. You story made me so wet. Thank you for sharing it.

So hot

that was a very nice art lesson

Super hot! I wish I had that experience.
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How did she get in so easy? Very hot!