Pride Myself On Patience? Bulls%$t!!

I used to drive. Alot. And many times for the benefit of another. Mom, Girlfriend, buddy going to score "something". I used to wait hours sometimes and say it wouldn't be getting to me, that time is meaningless, etc., lie, etc., lie.

And then there's this grandaddy of all lies when the person you were waitning for shows up, say two/three hours later (or not at all and you finally got a hold of them the next day) You offer, "I was really worried about you, what happened?" What a load of manure! We're just trying to lay a little guilt on them.

I had a business partner who was never on time in the ten years we worked together. The first day ever he was like two or three hours late. Other days, when we depended upon him for a specific task that only he could really do. Like perhaps a Tuesday Morning, he would show up, have to go to the store for something and get back, oh I don't know Friday, the following Monday?

Eventually, i quit drinking booze. Accepted the people who had me sit waiting for who they were (my partner incidentally, couldn't tell anybody "No", hence him always not there , off trying to please somebody else whose been waiting for a week or so.

Now, I actually cherish the time i wait, because it is free time. Today i couldn't get my bike on the bus, so i waited another 1/2 hour. I love waiting in the line at the grocery store. It's the best reality show ever!
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Jul 22, 2010