Fuzzy Dryer Lint

I love when it comes out of the dryer soft and fuzzy, there must be something creative I could do with it  :)
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6 Responses Aug 5, 2007

The art idea is great! In school we made paper out of it.I loved it.It felt like old paper.Try googling "what to do with dryer lint" thats what I am going to do just now. Good idea! Thanks for posting this.Great reminder.

Actually, I think there is something you can do with dryer lint. There is a woman who creates abstract art with hers.<br />
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The link below will show you. It's from Home and Garden TV<br />
<br />


Wedding gift...I like that.

Oooohhh! Dryer lint!!! That stuff is fun. And oddly cute. <br />
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How about.... wall coverings? Lint pants? Cat bonnets? Wedding gift?

I need to get a life!! I save everything, I always think I'll need it someday. all kinds of junk, on the other hand I think people throw out too many things and don't recycle enough