Add A Bed And Matching Night Stands To The List

It's one thing to save your spare change and spend it on something fun or simply want to do. I've taken a different approach on how I spend it. I chose to spend it on things for the house. That way I am constantly reminded about saving my change and get to redo items in the house, one coin at a time. First were two TV sets, then 2 Cherry wood night stands. Yesterday, I got a call from my best friend. His cousin was selling some very high end furniture (less than 6 months old and is near perfect condition.) Checking my coin can, discovered I was right at $400. When I met my friends cousin at his storage locker, my mouth fell open. He'd bought two bedroom sets, where the bed and mattress cost over $2200. He was willing to part with it for $300. SOLD He also threw in two matching night stands (for which he paid $150 each and the tags were still on them). What a score and all because I saved my spare change!
TheTalltreeGuy TheTalltreeGuy
51-55, M
May 21, 2012