U Never Know


I filled this old school five foot coke bottle full of the change i have accumulated over 5 years, and when i cashed it in it was over 2500 bucks. I think more people should save all of thier change, because you will be suprised about how much change you throw away

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

ROFL, Siggy, about cutting the bottle! <br />
I TRY to save change... but like JUST last night.... had to use some to buy cans of beans to make chili! lol. When spare change becomes grocery money, or bill money, you know things are tight! :O lol

man it was a ***** i had to cut a hole in the side to get the money out

Exactly. I cannot imagine how heavy that 5 foot bottle was by the time you went to empty it out!