I was a kid playing out side and a cat came up to me. He was across the fence so i dug a hole so it would come over. That bastard cat jumped over the fence when i was done instead of coming under, but i played with it a little and it kept coming around. Was the nicest fat cat around. He decided to fall asleep in the road thinking nothing would ever hurt him, and a speeder got him. Had him for years before that though.

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That is a pretty funny cat you have.<br />
<br />
Cats are smart, but the thing about a dog and it looking up at you with those dumb eyes. You just know you have a friend that wont leave you for anything.

Cats are very smart :)<br />
<br />
Mine is far smarter than the dog

awwww my cat got run over just his legs so now he walks with a funny limp its pretty funny!! and when he has been naughty he puts it on even more.. and during the night when he thinks no one is watching he runs up and down the stairs jumping on things and having a ball.. the limp is missing though.. <br />
then when he is caught he shoots his paw in the air as if to say I wasn't making all that nose I have a bad!! LOL

Well it was technically my only true pet i ever had. I have had pets around me, but never really my own.

That is a sorta nice story