Her Last Walk.

It was to be her last walk,Dawn had been brought in to the dog's home with her six newly born puppies,a decision had been made to put them all to sleep.This was to be done soon after her last walk,I was a dog walker volunteer and the task to walk her was given to me,at nine years of age Dawn was an old mum for a dog,she had sweet,soft brown eyes and a very gentle nature,it felt like a hand was squeezing my throat and I kept hearing the opening bars of Brahms first symphony in my mind over and over again as only music can truly evoque feelings of sadness.
On our return to base I pleaded with the person in charge to let her live,she would make a wonderful pet for a family with young childrens,her gentle nature attested to it,I am normally a shy person but this time another me emerged,eventually the woman in charge said "yes she is a lovely dog,we will put her up for adoption".A few days later Dawn was adopted by a family with three young children.
I was so happy to have trusted my gut feelings and determination to plead for her life.
For all the love she would give,for all the love she would receive.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

A great story. What happened to the puppies?

Sadly they were put to sleep.

I didn't think I could read this story but was happily surprised by the ending :)

I'm legitimately tearing up... Thats so wonderful~