Stray Kitten

Ok. Well the day before all of this happened my Mamaw called my mom and told her that they just saw a kitten by our mailbox and they wanted it. They tried to get it but it ran off. They said that if we see it again try to get it.
The next day me and my two sisters went to my aunts house to feed her cat cause her and the rest of her family were on vacation. I went into the shed to get the cat food. When I walked back out I heard a cat meow. I told my big sister to come here. When she got there we heard it again. We looked behind the shed. If you walk to the back of it your basically in the woods and you can't go very far. There was a little kitten. Maybe 2 months old. we tried to get it without going into the woods but that didn't work. After we had tried that a while, my little sister said that she could craw through the buses and probably get it. She ceased through all the bushes and finally got it.
Now we have it at home and we found out it's a boy. We named it skyler and it makes a great pet.
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Jun 14, 2012