Snowbound Driver

 Simple enough, I found a man asleep in his car just as his roof was covered over in snow. As a teenager I wanted the experience of being able to say I 'skied' down the Hutchinson River Pkwy- in the bronx. I had my own ski's and the blizzard hit the night before So I booted up and went cross country from my home to ski the Hutch (A mile before the Whitestone bridge southbound. As I was travelling over the roofs of snowbound cars I realized I was skiing on top of a Landau roof vechicle. I didnt want my poles to damage the roof but as I looked down, to my surprise, a 2 inch slat of snow fell in to the hole created by a sleeping driver who stayed in his car opening his window. The snow had been blowing over the roof of his car while he slept and Me on his roof woke him up. Surprisingly the first thing he said was "Is this the way to the bridge?". I laughed, not realizing the seriousness of the situation and told him "Yeah, but damn if your going to get there" I helped him out thru his now opened window and he saw he was in a snowdrift. I directed him up the hill where there was a motel half a block away
duckluva1 duckluva1
May 11, 2012