I Saved My Ex a Few Times

The first time i saved my ex he was very drunk and was swimming in the guilf

of mexico and he had swam out so far in the ocean i wasnt a good swimmer

so i didnt go out into the water very deep well he was swimming back he was in wiest high

water and he kepted going under and i knew he was drunk so the 3 time he went

 under i swam to him and i grabbed him and pulled him i knew i couldnt swim very well

and i told him relax dont fight me or u will dround us both he didnt fight me he when

 lemp , we got to the edged of the water i dragged him and i was mad at him how could he

do something so stupid hey u trying to kill ur self? he just layed there so i turned him over

on his side he swalled water so i hit him in the back and said a few words hey fool

 and i hit him again in the back between the sholder blades he spit up water and i started

giving him mouth to mouth he started breathing . i asked him why did he swim that

far out , i just barely saved him. he just laughted it off .

one day he was working on the air condishining of our trailer laying in

a puddle of water i asked him you want me to kick the breakers off?

no i know what iam doing . i went back inside and as i was saying yeah right

i hurd a thumping sound inder the floor so i yell hey u ok ?

i only hrud the thumping sound again and a strange sound so i went

 out side and looked and i saw him jumping while he was laying down so i ran back in

side and i hit the breakers i truned them all off , and i called his name again

and i got no responce , i said oh crap he dead hes fryed his self so much for

I KNOW WHAT IAM DOING  b/s well i pulled him out he was white as a gohst

i hit him in the chest he had no pulce . i hit him agaim he started breathing

why did you do that ? i told him i saved his life he must have touched a live

wire , boy that was really stupid. i told him you never work on and thing

with live juice going to it . he called me smart a ss ,.men some times i wonder

where they have thier brains

lunnas lunnas
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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I wish him the best in life . I belive god really does watch over drunks and fools hes both<br />
lol ive saved his life a few times

the man hates me beclase i got childsupport out of him

That has to be one of the truest statements i have ever read!!!!

That guy really owes you his life. I hope he appreciated what you did.