Losing Her? I know why...



What if I told you that you could get your relationship (marriage or whatever) back...

Even if you were 100% convinced that your relationship was over, and you had tried everything in your power to turn things around.

Would you listen to what I’m about to share with you?


Ok then, here goes…

About 6 months ago I was introduced to a few guys who were into competitive basketball. Being an ex-college athlete (who reasoned I still had game) I talked about my exploits and how I still had the ability to "bring it."

A little trash talking ensued until we all agreed it should be settled on the basketball court – so we picked a date and met up at a local gym.

When I arrived a few other guys (not the trash-talkers) were already shooting around, so I jumped in on a customary game of 21(Hustle for those from the South) to warm up.

I held my on – scored 16 points - didn’t win - but wasn’t the lowest scorer either.

When the trash-talkers arrived, they warmed up and after a few minutes passed with a telepathic look said to me, “Let’s do this.” We paired up in twos, explained the basic rules (what was out-of-bounds, air-balls take back up, 3’s count, etc) and started playing.

It didn’t take long for me to realize these guys were true "ballers." They were quick, had exceptional ball-handling skills, and mad jumpers (jump-shots).

The only thing I had on them was height - which I thought I could use to dominate the low post (like Shaq does). But these guys weren’t having it, I got picked and rolled so many times I thought I was a cotton-filled cigar.

Needless to say my teammate and I lost the first game – then we lost the second.

Wait! Let me tell you about my teammate - one of the original trash-talkers.

This guy was intense – he could pass, dunk, shoot – everything. Plus he had a solid understanding of the game. Before we started up again one of the winners asked if we wanted to switch up the teams but my teammate vehemently said, “No. We know how to play you guys now.”

However, when we started the third game – and it quickly became evident we going to lose that one too – my teammate yelled in my direction…

Goddamitt, Man! Can You Play At All?

I shrugged it off, but we still lost the third and final game.

A few moments later everybody talked a little crap, gave each other high-fives, and parted ways. I stayed around and shot a few baskets mostly feeling confused.

“Was that the best I could play?” Was that my “A” game? Did I even know how to play basketball anymore? These were the thoughts I had.

There was one thing I was sure of though…and although I didn’t say it verbally it was just as loud as if my teammate had said it.

I Was The Reason We Lost

You’re probably wondering what does this story have to do about getting your relationship back.

And the answer would be consistent with the moment I first started talking trash about my basketball prowess. But to really understand what I’m talking about takes breaking it down into two parts.

You see if I hadn’t played those guys I would have never known how good (or bad) I was.

Before those games, or as I like to put it (before I got my a$$ handed to me) I thought I still had my college-years’ skills.

Realistically though, the only competition I had was local teenagers or old stiffs who could barely move. I could easily out-maneuver those old guys, and teenagers are so into themselves an organized, selfless game like basketball is way out of their comprehension.

I wasn’t challenged anymore. I had become lazy - but the worst part was I didn’t know it.

So here’s the first part of what you need to realize in order to get your relationship back.

Are you ready?


It’s a sobering pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

Your wife has been telling you but you’re pride (and maybe a little arrogance) has shielded the message. Interestingly, you think relationships are akin to playing teenagers or old stiffs so you don’t feel you need to stay on your toes or work on anything.

Or (this gets better) you yell at her (redirecting the blame) because you feel you still ‘got it’ when the reality is you don’t.

Don’t believe me – try this little trick at home – see if you can pick up an attractive woman using the same skills you use on your wife.

You don’t know it yet but you’ll end up like me (holding your a$$) – feeling like a chump.

Do you remember your first date with the woman of your dreams? Do you recall how hard that was?

I don’t know about you but my woman had many suitors – guys with good looks and lots of money – athletes (no kidding she dated Shaq for a minute – ask him).

I had to bring my ‘A’ game because the competition warranted it.

But as the years passed, I got slower, softer, lazier and it wasn’t until the thought of losing (or losing her) awakened me to my true skill level.

Get it?

(Ask me for the second part)



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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Coyotegray-<br />
<br />
Your choice of quotations is not only out of context but paradoxical.<br />
<br />
Mencken never stated the aforementioned quote, it is merely attributed to him because of a similar quote he made regarding politics. Read the Divine Afflatus for the 'real' quote he made.<br />
<br />
Also, while you're at it take a look at his work, "In Defense of Women' in which he refers to marriage as 'a game' which is consistent with my theme or sports analogy.<br />
<br />
I would then say to you do more research before you hang out your shingle.

More sent...

Great story Willpowers, If there is more Ill like to know, it might help me. Thanks

Damn - that was a great story .