Why You're Losing Her (part 2)?


(Start of Part 2)

Great because now you have a decision to make.

But before you pick door #3, let me tell you more of the story…

I left the gym but that butt-whuppin stayed with me like a freeloading roommate.

Even after going to bed, instead of counting sheep I counted jumpers in my face – Swish…Swish…Swish - I woke the next morning with a weird desire to mop floors.

Anyway, days went by but I couldn’t shake that losing feeling because something kept telling me…

You Have A Better Game Inside

But that wasn’t the only thing.

I felt more terrible about letting my teammate down. I oversold but didn’t deliver.

Here was this guy expecting me to perform at a high level of play and I let him down because I didn’t “bring it” as I said I could do.

I started thinking about failure in general and came up with more surprising realizations.

I found that failure when you’re by yourself doesn’t mean as much - but when someone else is involved - it makes a helluva difference because you cause him or her to fail too.

Think about it for a minute.

In that first game of 21 (the one I played before playing the trash-talkers) – I didn’t win and I was ok with it. And, if that had been my only game I wouldn’t have gone home feeling like crap because I was the only person on my team.

But when I had a teammate, well, you’ve heard of the phrase one bad apple… haven’t you? With me on the team my teammate was bound to lose because I was the bad apple.

Another thing I realized was I forced him to play at a lower level (my level) – more like I weighed him down or pulled him in my direction.

For example, imagine you’re on the highway driving a powerful car (like a Chevy Tahoe) – you’re trolling along on a straight path and then suddenly the front passenger tire blows out.

In what direction does the Chevy immediately go?

You guessed it – in the direction of the weak tire (it goes right).

You see it doesn’t matter how powerful the vehicle is (or how skilled the other player is), when it’s dependent on a bum tire (or a bum player) the whole car goes in the direction of the weakest link.

Let me give you more perspective on how we lost.

Our opponents were skilled players but they also recognized a duck when they saw one – just like (as Nature shows) lions go after baby calves, or sickly adult bulls – the weakest are always easy pickings.

The guys playing against us quickly discovered the crack in our foundation and exploited it. Why would they waste time attacking the strongest player (my teammate) when I was being served on a silver platter?

In retrospect, if my teammate had reconsidered switching players, he stood a better chance at winning.

Ok, you already know your game sucks, so maybe it’s time you heard the second part.


You’re Still Playing 21 (a solo game)

When you play 21, losing isn’t that big of a deal – we discussed that earlier right?

In reality, however, you’re not playing 21 because you have a teammate – your wife – and she doesn’t think this is all fun and games.

Here’s proof: Ask her if she ever feels like she’s doing everything by herself.

Never mind. Don’t ask her – you know the answer already.

Here’s more to consider.

Ever notice what a skilled player does when he feels he can’t depend on his teammates?

By default, he starts taking more shots – he doesn’t pass the ball to you because your actions have shown you’re not in the game. (That’s what my teammate started doing).

However, even the dumbest player knows when you try to do it all by yourself – you’re going to lose anyway.

(Knock, Knock...)

Hello - Is this thing on?

(If so, ask for the third part)


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