A Couple Of Times, But Never In A Heroic Soldiery Way.

I've performed CPR once or twice and helped people who were going into heart failure when I worked in healthcare, and I once cut the power that was electrocuting some dumb bastard who thought it would be a good idea to stick his hands into live wiring, but I've never done anything heroic like dragging people to safety under fire or grabbing people out of the path of speeding cars. People who do that sort of thing are awesome.
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Thank you! But I think what I meant was that I wasn't putting myself in any danger in order to do it - I think to call yourself a hero you have to gamble your own safety to save somebody else. <br />
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Anyway, the first aid stuff was just my job at the time, and the electrocution one was as simple as flicking off the mains power. Not really a Johnson Beharry moment.

Don't think of it like that, don't say "I didn't endanger my own life for them" say "if i didn't do what i did, they wouldn't be alive" you should really give yourself more credit, it doesn't really matter if you risked your life in the process, it just matters that someone is alive because of you

What you did was heroic. give yourself more credit :)