A Horrible Ending To A Nice Day

On Monday I met my family from in West Virginia who were visiting Maine that I never even knew existed. It went up to my dad's friend's camp with them for a good 5-6 hours and I caught some frogs, ect. Anyway it was a pretty nice, hot day. (Even for Maine weather in the spring. It hit 90 I believe! 90! In May!)

When we got back home to my dad's around 2:00 we un hauled the wood my dad cut down that day while we were up there, and a hour or so later we had to go pay Sue's sister. 

When Sue's sister opened the door to get the money, the dog bolted between her legs and passed my dad's legs and kept running for the road. Sue's sister was screaming bloody murder and....

That was the end to a nice day. Sylvie the puppy who was only like half a year old was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The dog was killed instantly. I didn't actually see the dog get hit, I was waiting in the truck with my back turned and then when I heard Sue's sister screaming that's when I saw why she was.  But as soon as it hit the ground I saw the rest of everything. And let me rephrase that, it wasn't "hit," Sylvie got run over.

Then Sue's sister was going ballistic. Picking up the dogs dead body and hugging it and screaming "oh my god, Sylvie!" ect over and over. She cried for hours non stop basically. It was like she saw a kid just get hit-she was that upset about it. Not like I blame her though. I bawled on my dads shoulder like a little kid and I didn't even know the dog or had seen it in my entire life until that day. 

Sylvie was a small dog. Only like 3-4 pounds. She didn't stand a chance. There was a lot of blood. 

I think this experience upset me so much is because I've never seen a animal get run down in the road. That was the one and only time on Monday. We buried her out back next to another family dog-Boomer, a fat white cocker spaniel. What made me cry was Sue's sister was crying so hard and talking to it while we buried it. She kept saying stuff like "my baby, I'm so sorry, I'll always be with you, I love you..." 

And the horrible thing is is that the person who hit Sylvie never stopped. The bastard (I don't know, maybe it was a woman, nobody saw if it was a man or a woman) never stopped! 
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May 23, 2012