The Devil

around my house we use to have a stray black cat with a scar right in the middle of his forhead

we called him the devil because of how it would act he was mean to all the other animals hated humans

and would fight with anything that went near it

as mean and he was eventhough i couldnt go near him i kind of started to like him

sadly he is gone now in a way i guess its good but i miss him

i would have liked to have been able to pet him or something just to show that not everyone is bad

i still see his offsrings running around like the twins a male and female both black that run around together

none are as evil as the devil but some do have a temper

i just hope the devil found a family to love him

yeah i know im a softy when it comes to animals lol

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 2, 2010