The German Black Cat

The delicious bakery smells were drifting up and down the streets, as the shop doors began to open for business.  Bistro tables were being placed on the stone sidewalks for the early morning coffee seekers.  Rothenburg, Germany was coming alive this morning.

As I approached a bakery shop, I stopped and gazed into the window display.  Pastries of every kind were ripe for the purchase, if you had a sweet tooth.  And I thinK I did have one!

Suddenly, I felt something brush up against my leg.  A black cat...A small adult black cat was rubbing on my lower calf.  He circled around and around my body, stepping on my shoes, touching my pants legs, always making contact.  I made the move to bend over and touch him and he ran startled into the bakery shop.

As I approached the shop door, there he was staring at me...I slowly bent down and rubbed his back, his head, his tail, his stomach...He was loving it!  And, so was I. 

Animals are loving creatures and during the entire time I spent in Rothenburg...I made a point of stopping to visit with my little black cat at the local bakery/pastry shop!

PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
11 Responses Mar 27, 2009

A black cat ran in front of Oma's car today. (I decided right now I'm going to call her Oma, though she is not my Oma)<br />
Not in Rothenburg, closer to Schwerin. That cat gets around.. ;)

Cyanide: She/He hung out at a pastry shop in Rothenburg. Very small adult all black cat! Wonder if it was the same one. :-)

Nyx: All animals speak the understandable universal language. Pet me you stupid human!! LOL<br />
<br />
Owlie: Never saw a St Bernard while we were in Germany...Must have been the "off season" for the barrel flask briggade!<br />
<br />
Tearway: This black cat was so precious, he or she, always put a smile on my face!

Ah I see! :) Cool as.

Tearaway...I am writing this story as a person. Hubby and I went to Germany on vacation, in March. <br />
<br />
Peedeedog stayed with my daughter and had his own adventures!

Cats are claiming you when they do that! What a sweet little ambassador he was. When I was in Germany, a St. Bernard fell asleep against our hotel door. We couldn't get out! Eventually we nudged and woke him up..slowly he looked at us, got up.Awesome dog! Beautiful! We vowed to get one when we returned to the states. We did too..

What a sweet story, Peedee! Sounds like cat leg rubs are the universal language of friendship. :)

Cats are pretty cool like that. Not in their need for affection, though I kind of like that, but in their Not Caring Where You're From -ness. The title of this group really spoke to me, so I joined. My story maybe isn't as deep as yours, or maybe it's too deep for me even to fathom. It's 7 fathoms deep.

Ah, Max...Look deeper into the words of this experience. I was in a country with a different culture, from what I was used to. With a black furry paw, this cat was telling me, I don't care where your from, pet me you stupid idiot!!

PeeDeeDog... are you writing this as a dog or as a person?

Nice story! Bet it made you feel at home to have the kitty make friends with you. I would have loved it, too. ;-)